Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Secrets to happiness

Any couple who's preparing for wedding like us are bond to get into small quarrels with each other every now and then.

Wedding preparation is definitely one stressful period for any couple.

From the venue of the wedding dinner to the minor details like March in, wedding car selection etc etc. Any one of these will definitely bring up a small quarrel.

And yes, having experiencing all these now, I came up with a secret. Everyone will have their own dreams/wants/ideas for the wedding.  

"The secret to a happy wedding preparation is to let the wife have all the say. Yes, you may raise your concerns. But do not insist or question her. "

Ultimately, it boils down to giving way to each other. =)

Thankfully, I've a easy going in laws.

Thankfully, I am marrying a wife who's a super multi tasker.

Thankfully, my parents agree to everything that we've planned for. =)

It's really not easy to plan for a wedding dinner especially when you have to consider the interest of all parties. So, guys, take a step back and let the wife decides. Trust me, your life will be so much more happier a.k.a Peaceful. =)

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