Thursday, 10 November 2011

Open letter to my wife to be

Dear Xiaoxin,

I've waited for you for the past 27 years. I must have done something good in my previous life to meet you and Heaven treats me really well by allowing me to marry you.

In less than 40 days, we are going to sign our names on the certificate and have Dr Phua pronounce as Husband and Wife in front of our parents. To me, that's like a dream come true.

"If fairy tales were to exist, you then, shall be my angel and I, shall be your guardian knight."
I thank you. Thank you for willing to open up a new chapter together with me in our lives. Life might not be a bed of roses. But I will definitely work hard to pluck away their thorns for you.

"From now on, my money is your money. Your money shall be your money."

 You may continue to indulge in your Chanel slippers, LV loves and Bottega Veneta bags. My only request is that you let me know in advance that you are buying them. It's always better for me to be prepared rather than to have a shocked when the parcel comes in. Please try asking them if they can give any further discount.

Of course, I know, I have taught you to scrimp and save and you might most probably be saying goodbyes to Tiffany & Co, Mont Blanc and even Christian Loboutin once you are married to me. I just wish to let you know, I am not going to compromise anything on you. Chinese have a saying, “嫁鸡随鸡,嫁狗随狗” And I know you will not have any complaints or grumbles on me.  I just wish to let you know, I will do my best in protecting you.

"If there is not enough food on the table, I will venture as far as I possibly can into the woods so I can bring food back.
If there is not enough money, I will work twice as hard as others if not triply hard."
Leave all the hard work to me. All you need to do is to feed my forever hungry stomach well and teach our Children well. Of course, we are going to work hard together to raise the little ones up. One day, they might be so mischievous that they might make you cry. Rest assured, my broad shoulders will always be there for you to lend on.

Our dreams of travelling around the world together is always on my mind. Don't worry. I've not forgotten my promises I have made to you. I will fulfil them as soon as I can. Once I've save enough, we shall go on our world travel.

My dear wife, Thank you. Thank you for always believing in me and my decisions. When everyone else questions my decision, you are always behind me supporting me. I would not have be who I am if not without your support and encouragement.

Life is harsh and brutal. But in your heart, you always have a safe heaven for me to rest peacefully in. Thank you for allowing me to have a place in your heart.

We are not saints and most probably might make mistakes. I want to tell you. No matter what, I am always ready to forgive you (after 3 minutes rule) because you are my wife. And in this life, I will and shall only have you as my only wife. I will be as perfect as I can to be your Perfect Man because, in the next life that's to come, I want to be your husband still.

I can give up the ocean just to be with you, the mermaid of my life. But I cannot give up you for the ocean. Because, you are all that I ever wanted.

I love you, Baby Honey Star Star.

Yours Always,
Coco Crunch


Anonymous said...

nice to know chivalry is not dead. good luck

Jerry Toh said...

Thank you =)

The Heng Family said...

Wow! So sweet! My hubby and I always wanted to travel ard the world too.. well.. not exactly around the globe due to budget constrains but we did travels (not in twos... but in fours including our children). hahahaha.

Congratulations! I'm sure you two will have your own travel tales in time to come! ^_^ Wishing you a very blissful marriage!

Jerry Toh said...

Thank you for the well wishes Phoebe! =)

Still can try travelling with your children. I'm sure it will be fun!

Flubber said...

you make mi cry..
so touching..
love, cherish, forever..

Adeline Thian said...

So touching and sweet! Make me wanna get married too...

Anonymous said...

Jealous + envious (LOL) kidding...wish the both of you 百年好合

Jerry Toh said...

@Flubber.. Thank you! =) Enjoy your europe trip!!
@Adeline.. Go get married! Hurry hurry!!!
@Anonymous..Thank you for your well wishes! =)