Thursday, 24 November 2011

The eve of 过大礼

Been like ages since laopo is not with me for the night.

Yes, She shall now be known as my laopo from tonight onwards. =)

Well, Some traditions are meant to be kept. So yeah, Tomorrow is our 过大礼 day. A day where I will bring all the presents to my in laws and tell them officially that I want to marry Miss Summer Toh Xiaoxin.

In Kampung times, the groom will bring 1 Pig trotter to the family.
In modern Singapore Times, We use can pig trotters. Yupz, I am the one who wiped out Khatib and Marsiling Sheng Siong pig trotter cans. =)

2 bottles of Hard Liquor for my Father In Law

Basket full of oranges and 2 super duper big Ang Pao for my Mother in Law

Laopo 四点金 from Luk Fook Jewellery

Our wedding cakes for laopo relatives.

WOOoooo HOOOoooo!! And I am all ready to 过大礼!  發啊! 發啊! 發啊!

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