Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Elizabeth the Queen

Her name is Elizabeth and I always like to call her "Elizabeth the Queen". **Sometimes, she does behaves like a queen! Ordering the brothers and sisters to behave on good days and on those naughty days to misbehave  together! =)

Yesterday, she wanted to have a challenge with Teacher Jerry and say... "Teacher Jerry, can you do this with your tongue? If you can do this, I will swim 10 laps for you."

Amazing isn't it? No. Teacher Jerry don't have such super powers to transform my tongue into a flower. But, she still have to swim her 10laps for me. =p

And that's Victoria, her younger sister. If I were to ask her about Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth, they can go on talking and talking about the history. Amazing? Yes. But I'm still shocked at her tongue magic!

I won't be surprised 1 year later, Victoria can show me her flower tongue too! =D

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