Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Never before

I've never finished reading a book in just 1 day. I've never been a bookworm and it's really hard to arouse that interest in me to read unless it's some motivation or inspirational books.

But this book titled "Daddy's little secret", I got it @ Popular bookstore on Sunday night within 5mins and the 40% discount tag on the book made me decision almost immediately.

I'm glad that I brought this book. It's a true life story about how this girl named Tina was sexually abused since the age of 9 till 26. And when she was @ that age, she already had 5 children.

It's a really sad book about how much she wishes to break through and get out of her current situation. Yet at the same time, it makes us be grateful of the wonderful life we have now.

Most importantly, the things that we took for granted always. For example, having the power to decided what we want to eat or wear was never a privilege for Tina.

If you are a fan of books like "A boy call it", then you should grab a copy of this. =)

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