Thursday, 13 October 2011

Children Day thoughts...

When I was a child, I would always look forward to Children's Day. That's because, the school will always issue us with a file, a pen or sometimes a bag for our Children's Day.

We would receive either an eraser or if we were really really lucky, a push pop from our teachers. The norm would be a pencil, ruler or a pen from all our teachers. That was enough to cheer up the whole day or week perhaps.

But nowadays, if the kids receive just a pencil or eraser for their children day, it's never enough.

I must be very experienced in this field that I could actually list out their Children Day wishes. Here goes..

1) Ipad 2
2) Iphone 4
3) Flash and Dash
4) Lego Ninjago

Yet, 15years ago, the closest we would get to Ipad 2 are these handheld games....
Suddenly, the feeling of growing old comes into my mind as I'm blogging this. Argh.. Shall stop blogging this post. It's too cruel to bring back these memories! Help!!!!! Someone stop TIME pls.

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