Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Giving birth in Singapore

Usually, during my free time, it's either I go for a run or watch the forever will make you cry Taiwanese drama.

But today. Somehow I was surfing on Mount Alvernia Hospital website & looking through their Maternity Packages.

Aei no. My wife is not pregnant yet (** Although I hope 1 day she will tell me "U are going to be a Papa!" **)  =)

Well, I always like to save for the future and knows how much I can afford to give to her and our children.

As most of you all should have known by now, our savings are now literally drained up after paying for the banquet.

So it makes me even more prudent to the dollars and cents. Some people might say, go to KK Hospital lar... Hmmm, Well, from what I heard, KK Hospital rates aren't exactly as cheap and with the long queues and wait? Nah, I won't want Xiaoxin to go through all the hassles..

Futuremore, she has make requests to go either Mount Alvernia or Mount Elizabeth. As a future husband and a future Papa (hopefully in the dragon year!), I will do my best to accommodate her. It's not easy being pregnant.

There are so many different types of delivery? Normal Delivery, Normal Delivery with Epidural, Assisted Delivery, Assisted Delivery with Epidural, Caesarean Section with GA,Caesarean Section with Epidural. 1 word: Chim... I heard of normal delivery and Caesarean and that's basically all about it. Not easy being parents aei....

So, if we take the Normal Delivery with Family Suite. It will cost us $2,830 excluding the doctor professional fees? Any experience parents here can share with me what's the expected cost of giving birth in Singapore?

Time to work hard and save hard!!!! =)


Caroline said...

Don't think so much. You can afford it. ;)
Trust me, your future "Dajie-in-law".

Jerry Toh said...

Haha... Thank you for the encouraging words "DaJie-in-Law"! =)