Saturday, 24 September 2011



1 of my students came to me and said.

"Teacher Jerry. I am stopping swimming because my school got swimming. So, my dad ask me to stop swimming."

Honestly speaking, I felt abit emo when I heard that. Well, perhaps it's been really a long time since my last student who left me said that.

After all my efforts to teach/coach/help him all the best in swimming, the only gift he gave me in return was just a word of "I'm stopping"?

Well, perhaps he likes the other coach more
Perhaps, the other coach teaches him better
Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps..

Thanks to him, I got to some self reflection and have emerged as an even better Teacher. It's ok that he or the parents don't appreciate me. I know there are still alot of students and parents who appreciates me (looking at the long queue on our current waiting list).

As a teacher, I've never ask anything for return. Just being able to see the kiddos swim whole heartily and achieving their Personal Best is more than enough for me.

So, when majority of Singaporeans are at the F1 track or watching F1 on the TV, Teacher Jerry is out there at the pool helping the kiddos break their personal best timing.

I know I'm not alone. I've your support. Well, nevertheless, I still want to dedicate the following songs to those who do not appreciate me.

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Anonymous said...

:) You are always the best swimming coach I ever seen. I would like you to be my child swimming coach too. But when I have a child first :D Don't give up no matter what cause there lot of people supporting you. Jiayou jiayou :)