Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Recent reflections

My recent reflections have been somewhat interesting.. You know, hardly do we get a 5th week that falls from Friday - Sunday. So, the previous weekend was well spent doing some walkabouts and small little reflections.

I realised that people changes as with time and with the environment. With the higher standard of living, we began to work even harder to keep pace with everyone around us. At the end of the day, we might just miss out on the most important thing in life. i.e Growing up with your child.

We are getting married in December and we plan to have our dragon child next year. We paused while talking about it. Do we want to raise him/her/them up in this competitive environment where the strongest & fittest survive or do we want to bring him up in a slower pace environment where maybe we don't earn as much but at a happier lifestyle?

Is money everything? We are not a couple that seek frame and glory. Instead, spending time together with the family and watching our beloved Taiwanese drama every night for 1 hour to us is a blessing. I want my child to grow up in an environment where both of us have plenty of time to do everything with him/her/them.

If he/she/they have a concert in school, I want to make sure we are able to afford the time to be there for him.

If he/she/they wants to go to the Zoo, I want to make sure we are the ones who bring him there and not the school teachers.

If he/she/they wants to go out to the field to play and catch grasshoppers, I want to make sure that it's the real grasshopper that he catches and not show him how a grasshopper looks like thru google search.

If he/she/they wants to play a game, I want to make sure that we are in the game together with them and better still, create the game out of nothing but pure imagination and not just hand him an IPAD or IPhone and tell him, "Na... Go play"

To do all these, parents need to have the time for the children. How many hours does a Singapore parent have for their children / day? Quality time bonding with each other, talking about everything under the stars (exp School work), playing games with each other, holding their hands and go for a walk in the park?

My reflections kinda change my perspective towards life. And yes, we seek a simple lifestyle. A lifestyle which might no longer be able to achieve in Singapore.

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