Monday, 22 August 2011

Current Affairs

Who ever says that our younger generation is not concern about politics clearly has not been around the kiddos recently.

Over the weekends, I asked the kiddos 4 questions.

Teacher Jerry: "Children, can anyone tell me what's happening next Saturday?"
Kiddos rising their hands out of the water in excitement. **Pick me! Pick me! I know the answer!**

Kiddos: "It's the Presidential Election!"

Teacher Jerry: "Woah! You all know! Good. Ok, 2nd question! What's the Presidential Election about?"
The kiddos getting more and more excited now..  No longer rising their hands but shouting out the answers..

Kiddos: "It's to choose the next president for Singapore!!"

Teacher Jerry: "Ok. Very good. 3rd question. Getting difficult already oh... How many candidates are there in this election?"

Kiddos: "4!!!!"

Last question. The most difficult one.. What are their names?!

Surprisingly, the kiddos know their names! JiaWei could even tell me their names in Chinese! How impressive are our kiddos!

1) Dr Tony Tan
2) Dr Tan Cheng Bock
3) Mr Tan Jee Say
4) Mr Tan Kin Lian

We are more than a Teacher. We are like Wikipedia. Updated & Relevant. Haha..

P.s: Next week question will be, the name of our President! Those who answer the question wrongly will have to do a 500m swim. =0

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