Wednesday, 17 August 2011


To put in a very nice word, I am Thrifty.

To put in blatantly, I am Stingy.

In order to save that 50cents coupon, I could park my van 1km away from my location and walk to my destination just so that I could save on that 50cents.

In order to save on that $1.30 can drink. I could walk all the way to NTUC to buy their promotion drinks.

In order to save on that small amount. I could Scrimp and save here and there.

At times, my movements irritates my wife. I am Sorry.

At times, I might have embarrassed her. I am Sorry.

But I am thankful to her. Thankful for her understanding. Thank you. 

Most importantly, I want to thank her for going through our current financial situation now. We call it -
"An all time low bank account"

Yes, all our money are almost used up to pay for our wedding dinner banquet. While some couples wait till the end of the banquet to pay the bills, we've been paying our bills every quarterly so that we could make use of the cash rebates from Standard Chartered Manhattan Credit Cards.

Thank you Du Xiaoxin. Thank you for going through all these with me.

Dedicating this video to you! =)  為你我想做更好的人

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