Monday, 25 July 2011

My Sweet kiddos...

Yesterday, I asked my my kiddos to count their strokes while swimming.

Teacher Jerry: "The lesser strokes u take, the better u are in gliding"
After completing 1 lap,
Student Dexter: "I took 37 strokes!"

Teacher Jerry: "Are u sure?"
Student Dexter: "Yes. "

Teacher Jerry: "Are u tricking me?"
Student Dexter: "No. God knows if I am cheating."

Teacher Jerry: "Ok. I believe you."
Student Dexter: "But Teacher Jerry, are you going to heaven to ask god?"

Teacher Jerry: "No. why?"
Student Dexter: "Then how you to talk to god?"

Teacher Jerry: "Hmm.. I don't have his hp number. But I think you can use your heart to talk to him. I think he's there."

Sometimes, kids ask the sweetest thing in life. =)

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