Saturday, 2 July 2011

Broke yet another new record

Yes. I broke yet another personal best record.

Today, Teacher Jerry had a new student who has been learning for the past 1.5 years from another coach and was not taught breaststroke at all. All he learnt was freestyle.

In just 30mins, I taught him how to swim breaststroke and he even managed to swim 2 laps! That's 100m okie! ~WOOooooo HOOOoooo~ 30mins was all I took! =p

And the best thing is, he said "Teacher Jerry. I am not tired. Can we do that again?!" =D

On another note.

I've been telling the kiddos about Transformer 3!!! Watching movies like these bring out the inner child in me. Thought I myself is the outer child liao. Haha....

You know, after watching an awesome movie like these, I simply wish I could tell a child all about Transformer! From how Optimus Prime has new weapon, his orange sword, his orange axe, his gun, his cannon. And most importantly, he can fly!!!!!

Ok, this shall be my story for the kiddos. Hee... And yes, of course, only the boys know what I'm talking as usual. =p The girls, I must talk to them about Girls generation, SDND, Kung fu panda n Glee..  

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