Thursday, 28 July 2011

Week 5 of July

Dear Parents & Students,

For Teacher Jerry students, Please remember that there will be no lessons on 29th - 31st July 2011 as it's the 5th week. Lessons will resume as per normal on the following week.

For Teacher Summer students, there is no lesson from 25th - 31st July 2011.

For Teacher Rae students, Lessons as per normal from 29th - 31st July 2011.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

52nd National Inter Primary School Swimming ChampionShip 2011

Congratulations to all students who took part in the 52nd National Inter Primary School Swimming ChampionShip 2011!!

You all have done us proud!! And when Teacher Jerry say we are proud of you. We meant, We are really proud of you all!!! =)

Especially when all of you have once again achieved a new PB (Personal Best Timing)!!! **Results out soon!!**

Congratulations and Well Done Children!! =)

Monday, 25 July 2011

My Sweet kiddos...

Yesterday, I asked my my kiddos to count their strokes while swimming.

Teacher Jerry: "The lesser strokes u take, the better u are in gliding"
After completing 1 lap,
Student Dexter: "I took 37 strokes!"

Teacher Jerry: "Are u sure?"
Student Dexter: "Yes. "

Teacher Jerry: "Are u tricking me?"
Student Dexter: "No. God knows if I am cheating."

Teacher Jerry: "Ok. I believe you."
Student Dexter: "But Teacher Jerry, are you going to heaven to ask god?"

Teacher Jerry: "No. why?"
Student Dexter: "Then how you to talk to god?"

Teacher Jerry: "Hmm.. I don't have his hp number. But I think you can use your heart to talk to him. I think he's there."

Sometimes, kids ask the sweetest thing in life. =)

Monday, 18 July 2011

Good Luck Children!

Good luck and all the best to the following children who are taking part in the 52nd  National Inter-Pri School Swimming Championships 2011

Representing:  CHIJ St Nicholas Girls School
50 Metres Free Style (D-Girls) : Lara Fong
50 Metres Breast Stroke (D-Girls) : Lara Fong

Representing: Ai Tong School
50 Metres Free Style (D-Boys): Yip Wei Qi Benedict 

Representing: Paya Lebar Methodist Girls School
50 Metres Free Style (B-Girls): Sarah Ann Lee Mei Ling
50 Metres Breast Stroke (B-Girls): Sarah Ann Lee Mei Ling

Good Luck! Jiayou Jiayou Jiayou!! =D

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Good bye 26, Hello 27!

The last day of my 26th year old. And Teacher Jerry is getting ready to welcome my 27th birthday! Wooo HOOooo!!  =)

Looking back, this year had been a wonderful year for me. Yes, there were lots of ugly events and downs that happened in my life but, life still goes on. I'm thankful that those events happened and moulded me into who I am today.

The most wonderful event that happened when I'm 26th is. Xiaoxin accepted my proposal and she will be entrusting her future, her happiness and her forever to me. =) For that, I'm thankful to have her as my wife.

At age 26, I make a difference in alot of kiddos. Be it they are non-swimmer, swimmers, life savers, adults, triathletes, local or expats. It's with the pure passion and love for the sport that keeps me going. And the marvellous support my kiddos and their parents have given to me. Thank you.

I know you guys are reading this. So, ya! Thank you! Thank you for believing in Teacher Jerry. Thank you for giving me the chance to be a part of your kiddos swimming path. =) The kind of love that the kiddos gave to me is simply indescribable. A simply sentence like "Teacher Jerry, you are my beloved teacher" or just a simple "Thank you Teacher Jerry for teaching me how to swim" does make my already beautiful day even brighter. =)

And the wonderful support from the parents are fantastic! The constant feedback and interaction I received from you guys have been wonderful and supportive. Thank you! Without your feedback, I wouldn't be such a magnificent Teacher! Whahahaa... Ok, Magnificent might be abit too over. How about Magical?! hee... =p

For the past 26 years, my mum & dad have been guiding me all along. Yes, Mum always play the role of the "bad guy" and Dad is always the "good guy" when I was young. She will treat me to endless amount of "cane" whenever I misbehave and Dad will return after work to "sayang" me. And if all these fails, I will push all the blame onto my "forever poor thing" younger brother Rae.

Thanks to my parents, Xx and I have gotten our dream house. Mum is the geography person and she will tell us morning sun is good and avoid houses with afternoon sun, don't choose a unit that's too close to the road etc etc. While dad, he's the one who will advise us on the house unit number. Auspicious numbers are always a hobby for him. =) Thank you Mami and Papa...

Rae. My 1 and only younger brother. With such a wonderful and outstanding elder brother, hopes of him inevitably increases. Yes, expectations of him are that he has to be as good as his elder brother, if not even better than him. That's what happen to all the younger siblings isn't it? I guide him along the way and every now and then whenever he has a difficulty, I try to help him but some issues, he has face them on his own. I'm proud to have a younger brother like him.

And I can't wait to see him putting on his university graduation hat!

Age 27 is and will be an exciting age for me. 1 thing for sure, I'm going to be a husband! Hahaha. Am I excited? Yupz! You bet I am! We are also going to try hard for a dragon baby. =) Excited? Yupz! You bet I am! Hee...

Monday, 11 July 2011

Our Marital Home

Yes. Like most Singaporeans. After marriage, we will stay in husband house aka room which I know called it the "Studio" apartment until our house is ready for TOP.

Here's how the room looks like currently before renovation.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

A good teacher

To get into the class of a good teacher is like finding a parking lot in the newly open NEX shopping centre.
"Hard to find a slot. You just got to wait."


And yes, currently our waiting list for swimming and tuition on hand lines all the way till Year 2012. We have limited slots left for ongoing classes tot. Will keep you guys updated soon! =)

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

SwimSafer Test (Part 2)

Our traditional family photo!
Listening attentively to Teacher Jerry. Most importantly, enjoy!!

Make sure I don't miss out a single thing.

All ready for the test!

Teacher Jerry explaining his briefing to the kiddos passionately 

It's always fun to take test with your friends

The Teacher that kiddos love! <3

Hee... I'm ready for the test!

Do not disturb me. I'm concentrating.

Monday, 4 July 2011

We want to teach

We teach not because we have to.
But because we want to.

There is a difference between have to and want to. Think about it. =)

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Word of the day


- a scene or state of wild uproar and confusion
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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Polar Rs200

Brought myself an early birthday present.

A polar RS200 watch. I've been a supporter of Timex watch all these while but my 3 timex watch keeps having the same problem.

Buttons dropping off, interface go haywire, straps tearing apart. I decided that I should try out a polar watch with a heart rate monitor.

Yeah, tot its 2nd hand but I still think its a great buy. I'm a stingy niao ji po when comes to pampering myself. =x

Can't wait to try out my new toy soon!!! =)
Another post by Teacher Jerry.

Broke yet another new record

Yes. I broke yet another personal best record.

Today, Teacher Jerry had a new student who has been learning for the past 1.5 years from another coach and was not taught breaststroke at all. All he learnt was freestyle.

In just 30mins, I taught him how to swim breaststroke and he even managed to swim 2 laps! That's 100m okie! ~WOOooooo HOOOoooo~ 30mins was all I took! =p

And the best thing is, he said "Teacher Jerry. I am not tired. Can we do that again?!" =D

On another note.

I've been telling the kiddos about Transformer 3!!! Watching movies like these bring out the inner child in me. Thought I myself is the outer child liao. Haha....

You know, after watching an awesome movie like these, I simply wish I could tell a child all about Transformer! From how Optimus Prime has new weapon, his orange sword, his orange axe, his gun, his cannon. And most importantly, he can fly!!!!!

Ok, this shall be my story for the kiddos. Hee... And yes, of course, only the boys know what I'm talking as usual. =p The girls, I must talk to them about Girls generation, SDND, Kung fu panda n Glee..