Thursday, 23 June 2011

SwimSafer Test (Part 1)

Congratulations to all our children who took your Swimsafer test!

You all did great!

We are so proud of you! =)

Teacher Jerry giving the kiddos their briefing for the test.

Listening attentively. Make sure I didn't miss out anything.
Check your names ok? Make sure it's spelled correctly.

Sister: " Kor kor. I abit scared.. "
Kor kor: "Don't worry mei mei. I brought my spiderman T-shirt with me already."

Everybody. Please look at me.

Chicken, Aeroplane, Solider. (** Only our kiddos can understand this ** hee...)

Hee... Nice right!?
Sculling time!

Teacher Rae explaining to the candidates how they did.

See Mom! I can wear my lifejacket on my own!!

 Ok, children. Take your time to swim in the deep pool ok. No stress.

You see that island over there? Ya, Teacher Jerry want you to swim there.
Cassandra: "Woah! We'r swimming to that island!?"

Feet-first surface dive. Make sure I see your buddha clap! =)

Children, now you have to do sculling. Make sure you bring your toes up ok! =)

When I grow up, I want to be a back stroker.

More photos of the kiddos test will be uploaded soon! =)

Photo Credits: Teacher Summer

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