Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Sweet dream

Last night, I had 1 of the sweetest dreams anyone can ask for.

I dreamt of our "son"

In that dream, he was so smart, so lovely and so intelligent.

I asked him. "You like Papa or Mama more?"

He held onto Xiaoxin arm and said,

"I like Mama more because Mama carried me in her womb for 9months." =)

Sweet... Ah... Too much time spend with the kiddos and with our upcoming wedding. I will tend to dream abit too much. =)

**Photos of the kiddos swimsafer will be up soon! **


Anonymous said...

You are quite a funny person, but can tell that you are not only a great husband, you are also a great " Daddy " in future... The kids are also happy to have such a great teacher too... :)

Jerry Toh said...

Thank you for these encouraging words! =)