Thursday, 12 May 2011

When the buying stops, the killing stops too

So, our wedding  is almost there. Effectively, it took us less than 2 months to settle on the venue, the grown, the dates and most importantly, the menu on our wedding dinner.

The 1st thing we requested is. No shark fin soup please. Thankfully, our parents are able to accept it! =) *Thanks to Nat Geo, my parents are so much educated now on how sharks are being killed just for their fins and the important role they play in our eco system.*

"I Pledge Not to Eat Shark Fin Soup" - Campaign Video - English from Shark Savers on Vimeo.

Long gone are the days where people say. "If you dun serve shark fin on your wedding dinner, people will think you are stingy, not well to do, no face etc etc." Well, they can say all they want. Xiaoxin and I know, if we don't serve sharkfin soup to the 300 over guests on our wedding dinner. We would have directly save hundreds if not thousands of sharks out there.

We decided to replace our sharkfin menu with 8 treasure soup (which supposingly to be more expensive than sharkfin soup) And I believe our guests will understand our campaign against shark fin soup. =)

In fact, most couples nowadays are not serving sharkfin soup on their wedding dinner.

Shark fins have no nutrition
Shark fins have no taste
Eating shark fins will not make you immune to diseases
Shark fins contain a high level of mercury that can cause severe damage to your health

So join us in saying NO to shark fin soup


juno said...

it's a nice post.
keep update,i'll wait.

Anonymous said...

HI! are you using that no shark fin thing on your wedding table? if yes,are you from singapore ? can you let me know where you get them from thank you so much!

Xiaoxin ... said...

Thank you Juno! =)

Hi Anonymous, can you email us at or sms at 91001855?

Yes, we are using that on our wedding table =)