Friday, 20 May 2011


Our P6's are having their PSLE in 4 months time.

And so, Teacher Summer gets stress up sometimes when things don't go really smooth for the kiddos. Just 2 days ago, 1 of the P6's showed his attitude to her. And we had to talk to him. 

The next day, her blackberry showed her attitude which leads her into frustration.

Usually, I'm the safety net. Well, it's a blessing for me to be her safety net. At least she knows, she can fall on me. =) She commented that I no longer surprises her after March 19. 

So, I woke up @ 530am to prepare her a sumptuous breakfast meal before she goes to school! 
    ** Surprise**
2 x hash brown
2 x half boil eggs
1 x berocca drink
n x love

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