Thursday, 19 May 2011

Our Pre Wedding Photos

Some sneak preview of our pre wedding photos.

I love the 1st photo. =)

Yes, the peacock is real. Not photoshop one okie! Legend has it that, when a peacock comes to you. You will be blessed for life.

I'm a blessed man with the woman of my dreams.

When I grow old with you, I want to still hold your hands like this.

If you are no longer able to run, I will hold your hands and run with you. No matter what, I will be beside you. Always.

The sea, the sun, the beach and YOU makes my world stop.

The route ahead of us will not always be straight. But rest assure, I will walk the path together with you.

You will feel my presence around you.

Once in awhile, let me indulge in my other love too ok.

Of course, you are the greatest love of all.

I love you.

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