Monday, 23 May 2011

Open Letter to our children

Dear Son/Daughter/Twins,

Papa thought of writing this letter as I've been dreaming since March 19 about you. Ever since papa went down on his knees and proposed to your mummie after my Ironman race, I've been literally thinking about you.

Discussion have always been communicated between your mummie, papa and your ah ma and ah gong. To be very frank and honest, your Ah Ma and Ah Gong are the ones who are really excited. Papa wanted you to be born in February (Chinese New Year ma, Somemore dragon year). Your ah ma want you to pop out in July. While your mummie decided to take Folic Acid in June.  You see. Everyone is excited about your arrival.

But papa and mummie will leave the choice to you as to when you wanna come into our family. We leave the choice to you.

Just make sure, you come in healthily and happily.

Whether you are a boy boy or a ger ger doesn't matter to papa and mama. Most importantly is, you are a happy and healthy child. If you both come in as a twin, it will be both joyous and delightful for the whole family. Your mummie will be the most beautiful woman you will ever see and meet and you must know the hardship she will go thru carrying you around in her womb for 9 months.

And your papa is the most handsome, adorable and fun loving man you will ever come across. Most importantly you must be prepared to be spoilt by your 2 Ah Gong and Ah Ma. Papa can foresee that they will dote and coddle you alot.

Papa and Mummie are both great teachers. I will leave mummie to take care of your academic grades while papa will take care of your physical education. Mummie and Papa has high standards for our kiddos but most importantly, you must enjoy and be happy in whatever you do and learn.

Papa will teach you all the sports and games that I know and from there you shall decide your favourite events. I believe Mummie will bring you out shopping and teach you the fundamentals of life so that you can easier apply them onto your studies. After all, your mummie is a superwoman who have seen hundreds, if not thousands of different characters everyday in school.

Papa and Mummie will give you the best education as far as possible and yes, your mummie will buy you branded goods all because she loves you so much. But Son/Daughter/Twins you must remember, we are not from a rich family. There are some things that we will wished we could afford them but we couldn't. So, you mustn't compare those with your friends.

You can be assured that papa and mummie love for you will be the greatest love of all. Along the way, you might fall down. Papa and Mummie will be there to see you stand up again. Remember, your desire to succeed must be greater than your fear of failure.

Papa and mummie are working hard now. Especially your mummie. She's working like 14 hours a day. 7 times a week. While your papa is working under the scouring hot sun and freezing rain storms everyday. We won't complaint because we know, we have to work hard. Not only because we want you to have a comfortable life but also to bring you on our dream world tour.

Son/ Daughter/ Twins. We love you.


--andy-- said...

congrats, I was wondering why swimming teacher summit under "Omy Family category" haha .. Thumbs Up !!

Jerry Toh said...

haha! Thanks Andy!

And good luck to u too! Hope u get into the finals!