Thursday, 26 May 2011

Meeting my MP

Never in my life have I thought of meeting my MP. But well, next monday, I've decided that I shall meet my Sembawang GRC MP, Mr Khaw Boon Wan.

Accordingly to Sembawang Town Council website,

Mr Khaw meet the people session is as below

Meet-The-People Session
Date/Time: Every Monday at 7.30pm (Except Public Holidays)
Venue: Blk 789 Woodlands Avenue 6, #01-633 S(730789)
Tel: 6363 7978

Great! Since next monday is 5th week and I won't have lessons.

Agenda: Construction of a ramp at the staircases leading to Blk 501A Wellington Circle

It's wonderful that we have a NTUC nearby our estate. Which means our mum could go there for her daily grocery shoppings. But we have a problem. Getting there empty handed with an empty trolley is really easy. But pushing back those groceries with a full trolley. It's never easy.

Doesn't this trolley looks all too familiar for everyone?

Personally, I tried that and boy I can tell you it's as though it was a workout. The challenge here is really this SOC over here @ the cross junction between Canberra Road and Wellington Circle. It's a long flight of stairs with no ramps at all.

So, those with trolleys, those with baby prams and those on wheelchairs will have to climb up these flight of stairs just to get up to Blk 501A/B. If you think that these stairs look easy. Think again.

The nearest "slope" we have will be a long walk of 200m to the entrance of the carpark before she have to make a Uturn and climb up the slope up for another 100m before she can reach our block because the whole walkway have been blocked by walls. It's both dangerous and exhausting for an elderly.

Therefore, I've decided to ask the MP this coming Monday to build a slope/ a ramp to let the residents here have a better and easier access.

But what if the suggestion don't get pass? I will go buy cement on my own and build a ramp by myself. For the convenience and safety of my mother. I will construct it for her.

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