Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Loves of my life.

Xiaoxin. Swimming. Children. Teaching.  The loves of my life.

Tian Wen is simply - Cute la! His wetsuit was tearing apart and Teacher Jerry tailor made a brand new wetsuit for him!!

Dun play play hor. Teacher Jerry dun just teach swimming. I can be quite a good tailor at times too =) * tot, the outcome was 3 inches too tight for him* hee...  But, he looks marvellous in his brand new wetsuit ya!

PSLE is around the corner and wifey is giving Tian Wen the best education possible ever. Let's hope he works hard on the books and in the pool! =)
On another note, was teaching Nicolas how to do sculling.. He really enjoys floating on his back!
And then, its time we go down into the deep blue sea! Hee... Just 1 year ago, he was so fearful of the water. Now, he swims like a dolphin! =)
Look Teacher Jerry! I'm a Starfish!
Now, I'm a praying mantis!
A present to reward him after a good swim session. Love to see such smiles from the kids. Sincere. Real. And you know, it's all from the bottom of their hearts.

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