Tuesday, 10 May 2011


This is the story of Javier.

In 2009, when Teacher Jerry first met Javier. Mummy Adelynn told me that Javier was a little special from the other children. Javier had Sensory Integration Dysfunction or commonly known as DSI.

He disliked wearing his goggles.

Weeks past by and slowly he began to hate wearing his swimming costume (* I had no idea why @ that point in time.) Even to the extend of running away from me when he sees me.

For a coach with 8 years of coaching experience handling over hundreds (maybe thousands) of kiddos. I must admit, Javier is my 1st Autistic child I've ever come across. Indeed, teaching methods and teaching methodology are different when teaching Javier.

I've never given up hope on Javier that 1 day he will be able to swim. Instead, I went to research on what DSI was about and the kind of teaching strategy that others use when teaching such children. I went that extra mile just so that I can hopefully 1 day see results in Javier.

Fast forward to today, Year 2011. Not only does Javier wear his own swimming costume now. He's looking forward to his weekly swimming session and he no longer ran away when he sees Teacher Jerry. =)

And the best part?

Javier fell in love with swimming! Like literally! He loves blowing bubbles nowadays and even love it when his goggles sink onto the bottom of the swimming pool. And he will goes "Oh.... No....."

Why? Because that's when he can go underwater and retrieve it back! ~ The power of Thomas the Train~

For the sake of Javier, I read a book called "A friend like Henry". And Dale taught me so much. I learnt that "Thomas the Train" has a magical effect on these children. I learnt that they have a certain sound and voice that you need to follow. I learnt that they have a fix routine that you have to follow. And most importantly, I learnt that you need to enter into their world. To truly understand them.

Seeing him able to swim 10meters. Seeing him able to float on his own. Seeing him falling in love with bubbles blowing. Seeing him breathing on his own. And most importantly, seeing that smile on his face. The past screaming into my ears, pinching on my hands from him and making me chase him around the swimming pool seems to be all just worth it.

It took me almost 2 years to bring him to this stage. Looking back, it's all worth it. Let's hope that he can swim 50meters on his own soon. =)

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