Monday, 9 May 2011

Insurance for the kiddos

Today, Teacher Jerry brought an insurance plan to cover the kiddos during their SwimSafer swimming lessons.

Nothing is confirmed until the policy arrive. =) Wooo Hooo! I love the kiddos

And it suddenly just struck me.Will Xiaoxin and I be able to raise our child in the forever rising high cost of living in Singapore? Just today.

Someone said. "In the future, our HDB flats will take 2 generations before we can clear the bank loan."

Not that we dun wanna raise children. We love children so much that we want to give the best to them, just like all parents. But with the ever raising standard of living in Singapore. Sometimes,it stresses me out.

Well, let's do things step by step first.  Wedding Dinner + ROM -> Buy a property which we can call home -> Dragon Baby. =)

Thus, today decision was pretty easy. Insuring all my kiddos. I love them. And like any parent. I would give my best to them and make sure that they are safe and sound. =)

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