Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Iron Scientist

Congratulations to Tian Wen for coming in 3rd for his 
P5 Iron Scientist Competition!!!!

We are so proud of you!

Monday, 30 May 2011

Sleep talk is dangerous

Xx: Do u know what u say during ur nap this afternoon?
Me: I dunnoe.
Xx: You said u wan to give me all your money.
Me: Did I? Orh

Sleep Talking is dangerous. =p Anyway, I've decided to let Xx take care of my money. It's all so familiar isn't it?

"My money is her money. Her money is Her money."


On another note, Speedo was @ Yio Chu Kang Swimming Complex giving 15% discount on their products!! Wooo Hooo!!!
 Super Hardworking staff from Royal Sporting House!!!

Speedo, you can consider making me your spokesman for your products! Wahahaha....

Sunday, 29 May 2011

2011 PSLE Timetable

Saturday, 28 May 2011


Sze Ying completed 50 Grammar Exercises and showed improvement! Keep up the good work!
Marks are important, but attitude is too :)

Mobile: 9796 4130
Every Child is a Bundle of Potential and Promises.
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Dedication on Class 95

Sometimes, I simply love to give her surprises like this. =)

Below was my dedication on Class 95. Thanks DJ Yasminne for reading my dedication out! =)

Hee.... Proposal on Global TV, Love dedication on National Radio... =p

On 27 May 2011, Teacher Jerry make a love dedication to Teacher Summer on National Radio, Class 95FM.

"Thank you for loving me.
  Thank you for loving my faults too.
  You never failed to put a smile on ur face
   despite all the stress in school.
   Thank you for working hard together with me
    for our future.
    You are the woman of my dreams.
     You are the one I want to hold hands together
      till we are old.
     I love you now & forever."

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Congrats ...

Tian Wen and Irfan completed 50 Grammar Exercises for English.
Work harder for your coming PSLE!
Mobile: 9796 4130
Every Child is a Bundle of Potential and Promises.
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Word of the day

Word of the Day


SOH-juhrn; so-JURN

1. To stay as a temporary resident; to dwell for a time.

2. A temporary stay.

Mobile: 9796 4130
Every Child is a Bundle of Potential and Promises.
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Meeting my MP

Never in my life have I thought of meeting my MP. But well, next monday, I've decided that I shall meet my Sembawang GRC MP, Mr Khaw Boon Wan.

Accordingly to Sembawang Town Council website, http://www.sembawangtc.org.sg/overview/mpprofiles

Mr Khaw meet the people session is as below

Meet-The-People Session
Date/Time: Every Monday at 7.30pm (Except Public Holidays)
Venue: Blk 789 Woodlands Avenue 6, #01-633 S(730789)
Tel: 6363 7978

Great! Since next monday is 5th week and I won't have lessons.

Agenda: Construction of a ramp at the staircases leading to Blk 501A Wellington Circle

It's wonderful that we have a NTUC nearby our estate. Which means our mum could go there for her daily grocery shoppings. But we have a problem. Getting there empty handed with an empty trolley is really easy. But pushing back those groceries with a full trolley. It's never easy.

Doesn't this trolley looks all too familiar for everyone?

Personally, I tried that and boy I can tell you it's as though it was a workout. The challenge here is really this SOC over here @ the cross junction between Canberra Road and Wellington Circle. It's a long flight of stairs with no ramps at all.

So, those with trolleys, those with baby prams and those on wheelchairs will have to climb up these flight of stairs just to get up to Blk 501A/B. If you think that these stairs look easy. Think again.

The nearest "slope" we have will be a long walk of 200m to the entrance of the carpark before she have to make a Uturn and climb up the slope up for another 100m before she can reach our block because the whole walkway have been blocked by walls. It's both dangerous and exhausting for an elderly.

Therefore, I've decided to ask the MP this coming Monday to build a slope/ a ramp to let the residents here have a better and easier access.

But what if the suggestion don't get pass? I will go buy cement on my own and build a ramp by myself. For the convenience and safety of my mother. I will construct it for her.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

NDP 2011

Photo courtesy of http://www.ndp.org.sg

Have you applied for your NDP 2011 tickets?

You can apply for them from now till 29th May 2011.

The link is here. 

Good luck to everyone!!

Monday, 23 May 2011

Open Letter to our children

Dear Son/Daughter/Twins,

Papa thought of writing this letter as I've been dreaming since March 19 about you. Ever since papa went down on his knees and proposed to your mummie after my Ironman race, I've been literally thinking about you.

Discussion have always been communicated between your mummie, papa and your ah ma and ah gong. To be very frank and honest, your Ah Ma and Ah Gong are the ones who are really excited. Papa wanted you to be born in February (Chinese New Year ma, Somemore dragon year). Your ah ma want you to pop out in July. While your mummie decided to take Folic Acid in June.  You see. Everyone is excited about your arrival.

But papa and mummie will leave the choice to you as to when you wanna come into our family. We leave the choice to you.

Just make sure, you come in healthily and happily.

Whether you are a boy boy or a ger ger doesn't matter to papa and mama. Most importantly is, you are a happy and healthy child. If you both come in as a twin, it will be both joyous and delightful for the whole family. Your mummie will be the most beautiful woman you will ever see and meet and you must know the hardship she will go thru carrying you around in her womb for 9 months.

And your papa is the most handsome, adorable and fun loving man you will ever come across. Most importantly you must be prepared to be spoilt by your 2 Ah Gong and Ah Ma. Papa can foresee that they will dote and coddle you alot.

Papa and Mummie are both great teachers. I will leave mummie to take care of your academic grades while papa will take care of your physical education. Mummie and Papa has high standards for our kiddos but most importantly, you must enjoy and be happy in whatever you do and learn.

Papa will teach you all the sports and games that I know and from there you shall decide your favourite events. I believe Mummie will bring you out shopping and teach you the fundamentals of life so that you can easier apply them onto your studies. After all, your mummie is a superwoman who have seen hundreds, if not thousands of different characters everyday in school.

Papa and Mummie will give you the best education as far as possible and yes, your mummie will buy you branded goods all because she loves you so much. But Son/Daughter/Twins you must remember, we are not from a rich family. There are some things that we will wished we could afford them but we couldn't. So, you mustn't compare those with your friends.

You can be assured that papa and mummie love for you will be the greatest love of all. Along the way, you might fall down. Papa and Mummie will be there to see you stand up again. Remember, your desire to succeed must be greater than your fear of failure.

Papa and mummie are working hard now. Especially your mummie. She's working like 14 hours a day. 7 times a week. While your papa is working under the scouring hot sun and freezing rain storms everyday. We won't complaint because we know, we have to work hard. Not only because we want you to have a comfortable life but also to bring you on our dream world tour.

Son/ Daughter/ Twins. We love you.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Word of The Day

I shall attempt to introduce new words at least thrice a week from now on.

Let's all learn some new words :)

(I flipped through the dictionary and landed on this particular page.)

To coddle someone means to treat them too kindly or protect them to much.
(She coddled her youngest son madly)

Every child is a bundle of potential and promises.
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Our P6's are having their PSLE in 4 months time.

And so, Teacher Summer gets stress up sometimes when things don't go really smooth for the kiddos. Just 2 days ago, 1 of the P6's showed his attitude to her. And we had to talk to him. 

The next day, her blackberry showed her attitude which leads her into frustration.

Usually, I'm the safety net. Well, it's a blessing for me to be her safety net. At least she knows, she can fall on me. =) She commented that I no longer surprises her after March 19. 

So, I woke up @ 530am to prepare her a sumptuous breakfast meal before she goes to school! 
    ** Surprise**
2 x hash brown
2 x half boil eggs
1 x berocca drink
n x love

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Our Pre Wedding Photos

Some sneak preview of our pre wedding photos.

I love the 1st photo. =)

Yes, the peacock is real. Not photoshop one okie! Legend has it that, when a peacock comes to you. You will be blessed for life.

I'm a blessed man with the woman of my dreams.

When I grow old with you, I want to still hold your hands like this.

If you are no longer able to run, I will hold your hands and run with you. No matter what, I will be beside you. Always.

The sea, the sun, the beach and YOU makes my world stop.

The route ahead of us will not always be straight. But rest assure, I will walk the path together with you.

You will feel my presence around you.

Once in awhile, let me indulge in my other love too ok.

Of course, you are the greatest love of all.

I love you.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Learn to swim in 4 lessons!

Never before have anyone thought of learning to swim in just 4 lessons. Well,

Teacher Jerry is conducting an adult class starting from 7th June 2011 (Every Tuesday @ 7.30pm) to 28th June 2011. You can be age 18, 38 or even 68. No problem! Swimming is not a matter of age. It's a matter of skill and technique.

I will be keeping the class small. So, 1 class maximum, I will be just taking in 10 students only. So, Hurry! Call me @ 91001855 to confirm your slot now before it's too late! =)

You will be sure that after 4 lessons, you will be swimming freely in the water like a fish! =) So, hurry! Call me @ 91001855 to confirm your slot now!
Start Date: 7th June 2011
End Date: 28th June 2011
Days: Every Tuesday
Time: 7.30pm - 8.30pm
Location: Yio Chu Kang Swimming Complex
Cost: $100
Class size: Max 10 students

Contact Teacher Jerry @ 91001855 (Call, sms, bbm, whatsapp)

Thursday, 12 May 2011

When the buying stops, the killing stops too

So, our wedding  is almost there. Effectively, it took us less than 2 months to settle on the venue, the grown, the dates and most importantly, the menu on our wedding dinner.

The 1st thing we requested is. No shark fin soup please. Thankfully, our parents are able to accept it! =) *Thanks to Nat Geo, my parents are so much educated now on how sharks are being killed just for their fins and the important role they play in our eco system.*

"I Pledge Not to Eat Shark Fin Soup" - Campaign Video - English from Shark Savers on Vimeo.

Long gone are the days where people say. "If you dun serve shark fin on your wedding dinner, people will think you are stingy, not well to do, no face etc etc." Well, they can say all they want. Xiaoxin and I know, if we don't serve sharkfin soup to the 300 over guests on our wedding dinner. We would have directly save hundreds if not thousands of sharks out there.

We decided to replace our sharkfin menu with 8 treasure soup (which supposingly to be more expensive than sharkfin soup) And I believe our guests will understand our campaign against shark fin soup. =)

In fact, most couples nowadays are not serving sharkfin soup on their wedding dinner.

Shark fins have no nutrition
Shark fins have no taste
Eating shark fins will not make you immune to diseases
Shark fins contain a high level of mercury that can cause severe damage to your health

So join us in saying NO to shark fin soup

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

One minute of English

The position of adverbs is important as it gives different meaning to the sentence.
(1) Mary drank almost ten glasses of Coke.
(2) Mary almost drank ten glasses of Coke.
(1) 'almost' modified 'ten' and Mary probably drank about 8 or 9 glasses.
(2) 'almost' modified 'ate' and Mary nearly drank but did not.
The next time, make sure you remember how to use the adverb 'almost'.
Teacher Summer :)

Every child is a bundle of potential and promises. Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld from M1.


This is the story of Javier.

In 2009, when Teacher Jerry first met Javier. Mummy Adelynn told me that Javier was a little special from the other children. Javier had Sensory Integration Dysfunction or commonly known as DSI.

He disliked wearing his goggles.

Weeks past by and slowly he began to hate wearing his swimming costume (* I had no idea why @ that point in time.) Even to the extend of running away from me when he sees me.

For a coach with 8 years of coaching experience handling over hundreds (maybe thousands) of kiddos. I must admit, Javier is my 1st Autistic child I've ever come across. Indeed, teaching methods and teaching methodology are different when teaching Javier.

I've never given up hope on Javier that 1 day he will be able to swim. Instead, I went to research on what DSI was about and the kind of teaching strategy that others use when teaching such children. I went that extra mile just so that I can hopefully 1 day see results in Javier.

Fast forward to today, Year 2011. Not only does Javier wear his own swimming costume now. He's looking forward to his weekly swimming session and he no longer ran away when he sees Teacher Jerry. =)

And the best part?

Javier fell in love with swimming! Like literally! He loves blowing bubbles nowadays and even love it when his goggles sink onto the bottom of the swimming pool. And he will goes "Oh.... No....."

Why? Because that's when he can go underwater and retrieve it back! ~ The power of Thomas the Train~

For the sake of Javier, I read a book called "A friend like Henry". And Dale taught me so much. I learnt that "Thomas the Train" has a magical effect on these children. I learnt that they have a certain sound and voice that you need to follow. I learnt that they have a fix routine that you have to follow. And most importantly, I learnt that you need to enter into their world. To truly understand them.

Seeing him able to swim 10meters. Seeing him able to float on his own. Seeing him falling in love with bubbles blowing. Seeing him breathing on his own. And most importantly, seeing that smile on his face. The past screaming into my ears, pinching on my hands from him and making me chase him around the swimming pool seems to be all just worth it.

It took me almost 2 years to bring him to this stage. Looking back, it's all worth it. Let's hope that he can swim 50meters on his own soon. =)

Goggles up for grab

Oasis Speed Racer II Goggles
Retail Price: $24.90
Promotion Price: $15 only!
While Stocks Last!!!
Available in Black, Pink, Blue
Anti-Fog, UV protected

**Self collection at TWF Enrichment Center/ Yio Chu Kang/ Seng Kang Swimming complex** Postage can be arranged too =)

Kindly contact Teacher Jerry @ 9100 1855

Monday, 9 May 2011

Insurance for the kiddos

Today, Teacher Jerry brought an insurance plan to cover the kiddos during their SwimSafer swimming lessons.

Nothing is confirmed until the policy arrive. =) Wooo Hooo! I love the kiddos

And it suddenly just struck me.Will Xiaoxin and I be able to raise our child in the forever rising high cost of living in Singapore? Just today.

Someone said. "In the future, our HDB flats will take 2 generations before we can clear the bank loan."

Not that we dun wanna raise children. We love children so much that we want to give the best to them, just like all parents. But with the ever raising standard of living in Singapore. Sometimes,it stresses me out.

Well, let's do things step by step first.  Wedding Dinner + ROM -> Buy a property which we can call home -> Dragon Baby. =)

Thus, today decision was pretty easy. Insuring all my kiddos. I love them. And like any parent. I would give my best to them and make sure that they are safe and sound. =)

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Books For Sale

1 complete set of “墨攻”comic for sale.
Retail price: $85.50
Sell Price Now: $50

Novel: Eleven Minutes
Author: Paulo Coelho
Retail Price: $14
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Title: Over Tumbled Graves
Author: Jess Walter
Retail: $12
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Title: Lifeguard
Author: James Patterson and Andrew Gross
Retail Price: $16.75
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Title: The Da Vinci Code
Author: Dan Brown
Retail Price: $18.19
Selling Price Now: $10

Title: Digital Fortress
Author: Dan Brown
Retail Price: $18.19
Selling Price: $10
Title: Deception Point
Author: Dan Brown
Retail Price: $18.19
Selling Price Now: $10

Title: Angels And Demons
Author: Dan Brown
Retail Price: $18.19
Selling Price Now: $10

Title: Blink
Author: Malcolm Gladwell
Retail Price: $17.12
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Title: The Disney Way
Author: Bill Capodagli and Lynn Jackson
Retail Price: $36.23
Selling Price Now: $20

Title: The Tenth Circle
Author: Jodi Picoult
Retail Price: $17.80
Selling Price Now: $10 (Reserved)

Title: Saving Fish from Drowning
Author: Amy Tan
Retail Price: $25.20
Selling Price Now: $12

Title: This is my story
Author: Kasandra Kong
Retail Price:$21.19
Selling Price Now: $5 (SOLD)

****All books are in 8/10 conditions.****