Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Wedding Dinner

Great thanks to Miss Ang and Versanti from Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre for giving us great details and deals!!

We booked their ballroom for our wedding dinner which is to be held on 19 December 2011!! 

WOoo HOooo!!!  =)

Simply couldn't resist their "WOW" factor ballroom and the hospitality of Miss Ang and Versanti. I'm already looking forward to marrying the prettiest bride in the whole wide world on that day.

Xiaoxin and I wanted a beach wedding. It's just so us. Sunny, bright, outgoing, adventurous. But after some considerations *logistics nightmare*, we decided to scrape off that idea. But I promise you baby, our 1st Year wedding anniversary, 19 Dec 2012, it will be on the beach. =)

And who knows, our little baby dragon might be on his way too? Heee.... Oh gosh, I'm so desperate to join the dragon baby frenzy.... =p


Tyranitar said...

haha slow and steady there dragon lol

Terra said...

Wow! Your post sure tells me that you're excited. I bet you can't wait and it will be soon! Congrats, Jerry! Why don't you consider an Orlando vacation for your honeymoon? Hehe.. just suggesting.

Jerry Toh said...

Thank u Terra!

Yes. It will be nice to have a SPONSORED trip to Orlando for our honeymoon.

Would u like to sponsor us!? Hee... Looking forward to your reply! I can get air tickets on my own. Now worries! Cheers =p