Thursday, 28 April 2011

Bottega Venetta

Husband to Be: "I'm abit stress up. Think I need to go for a run."

Wife to Be: " You know, There are alot of ways to release stress."

Husband to Be: "Shopping is definitely not one of them!"

And the next day.... Her "Bo-Ti-Ga Ver-Ni-Ta" arrived. A bag that cannot fit in A4 paper..

I guess. Only a woman will understand a woman.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

On Easter Day....

Teacher Jerry so happen to see this video online. So though of sharing with everyone.

Happy Easter.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Saucony Warehouse Sale!!

Saucony is having their warehouse sale!! Up to 70% off!

Location is at 15 Kaki Bukit View. From 22 Apr - 24 Apr. 10am - 7pm. Cash and Nets only.

I told Wife to be that I'm in a shopping mood today. And wala! That's my kind of place lor! Hee....

Brought their Grid Type A2 racer shoes for $39! And A3 for $69! Wooo Hooo!! Good Buy!!!! Must Buy! And I'm so lucky to have the last pair of size 8.5! Hee.... =) Fit me to a tee!

When we left, they are only left with size 8 and 12 for Type A2

Wife to be and I brought endless shirts... So cheap!! And it's our kind of T-shirts!!!

And endless shorts! Hee....

Last but not least... 3 pairs of socks for just $15
Trust me. When I say this warehouse sale is worth going for. It really mean it's worth going for. We spent 1.5hours shopping there! =)

Summary:  Cheap!!! Dirt Cheap!!!

Disclaimer: Saucony doesn't pay me any moolah or give me any free gift to promote this warehouse sale. It's really worth going for and sharing with my readers. Cheers! =)
1 Happy Coach! =)

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Good Friday / Polling Day - No Swimming lessons

Dear Parents, please be reminded that there will be no Lessons on Good Friday (Friday, 22nd April 2011) and Polling Day ( Saturday, 7 May 2011) being Public Holidays.

Other than that, lessons are as per normal. =)

Here's wishing everyone a Happy Easter Day and Happy Voting for your fav party! Hee...

Monday, 18 April 2011

We ARE on TV!!!

So our whole family knew the date and timing. 17 April 2011, 8.20pm, Starhub Cable TV Channel 201. By 8pm, everyone was back at home and seated on the living room. The 6 of us had only 1 thing on our mind. "When's the proposal clip coming out?"

For Teacher Jerry, I guess I was the most nervous. "What if they never show the proposal!?" "What if I appear too fat on TV?" "What if.. " "What if..."

Hee... And so, we switched channel from Channel 8 Star awards to Channel 201 at 8.15pm. =)

It's both and honour and pride that I was given a Singapore Flag beside my name. Honestly, when I first saw that, I just wanted to thank Singapore for giving me all the opportunities. WOOoooo HooOOO!!! Teacher Jerry is a celebrity!

And here's my Pre Race interview. (Sorry for the voice muffer. Trying to figure out how to record it perfectly. But I provide subtitle for your entertainment! Hee....)

Commentator: " And we are back for more action at the 2011 Aviva Ironman 70.3 Singapore. You know there is a lot of good reasons to be nervous to a start for an event like this. But this guy, has even more reason to sweat."

Interviewer: "You got a real reason to be nervous for this event."

Teacher Jerry: "Yah! Yeah! I plan to propose to my girlfriend this year at the finishing line. This Sunday will be our 1st year anniversary."

Interviewer: "Does she have any idea this is going to happen?"

Teacher Jerry: " No. I hope to see her after the swim, the bike and the run! And the surprise will come in at the run part."

Commentator: "Like for this guy. His focusing and determination on just 1 thing right now. Getting to the finishing line and his bride to be. Question is. Will she say YES?"

Commentator: "Well, speaking of no man's land. When we last met Jerry Toh within no man's land. But now, probably the most important day of his life. Here is his fiancées - Summer Toh Xiaoxin. Will she say Yes? Because Jerry down on his knee ready to propose. Good news for Jerry. She did!!"

We had only just 1 minute of fame but it's going to be a 1 life time of memory for the whole family. Most importantly, I declared my love for Xiaoxin to the whole world.

Once again, Thank you to everyone who have helped make my proposal a success. Also to everyone who congratulated us. Thank you! Now I can announced. I am engaged to Miss Toh Xiaoxin!! =) Hee....

And for those who missed out, there's a re-telecast this tuesday 19 April 2011 @ 1pm! Same channel, 201, SuperSports Arena!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

We are going on TV!

This sunday (17 April 2011), 8.30pm, Starhub Channel 201, SuperSports Arena.

Watch the proposal of Teacher Jerry to Teacher Summer!!! 8.30pm!!!!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Wedding Dinner

Great thanks to Miss Ang and Versanti from Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre for giving us great details and deals!!

We booked their ballroom for our wedding dinner which is to be held on 19 December 2011!! 

WOoo HOooo!!!  =)

Simply couldn't resist their "WOW" factor ballroom and the hospitality of Miss Ang and Versanti. I'm already looking forward to marrying the prettiest bride in the whole wide world on that day.

Xiaoxin and I wanted a beach wedding. It's just so us. Sunny, bright, outgoing, adventurous. But after some considerations *logistics nightmare*, we decided to scrape off that idea. But I promise you baby, our 1st Year wedding anniversary, 19 Dec 2012, it will be on the beach. =)

And who knows, our little baby dragon might be on his way too? Heee.... Oh gosh, I'm so desperate to join the dragon baby frenzy.... =p

Thursday, 7 April 2011

We are getting married!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Triple Happiness...

They say, Happiness comes in Twins/ Double.

Mine Come in Triplets.

First, is the offical opening of our Yio Chu Kang SP Tuition Center

Second is the completion of my Aviva Ironman 70.3 Singapore 2011 Race
Last but not least, Xiaoxin said yes to my proposal! =)