Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Yio Chu Kang SP

I need to clarify to everyone that Teacher Jerry is not the one conducting Tuition Classes. Hee...

Most parents had a shock when I told them that we will be opening a tuition center @ Blk 128 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 #01-1843. Yes, I know a lot of parents are happy that we are growing. =) Thank you!

Do note that we engage only experienced and qualified tutors to give the best education to each and every student.

But why?

Why did Teacher Jerry decided to start a tuition center with a few partners?

Well, I guess. The reason is very simple. After coaching for almost 8 years, I've seen a lot of children being caught in a dilemma where they have to choose between Swimming and their education. Usually, they don't have the choice ( The answer is pretty obvious isn't it?)

Over the few years, countless number of students have come to me and tell me.

"Teacher Jerry, I cannot swim anymore. I fail my English. Mummy want me to go for tuition. And my tuition days and time clash with swimming. Sorry Teacher Jerry."

"Teacher Jerry, We would like to inform you that we will stop swimming with effect from today as we need to concentrate on our studies. Mummy say our CA1 results not good enough."

To be very honest, every time I see sms like this. I'm heartbroken. After months and months of interaction with the children. Seeing them grow up. From a beginner to a competitive swimmer. And it's always at the stage where they have the chance to break that 50M Breaststroke timing. Or, at the stage where they are ready to go for a competition. Studies bring them back.

And yet. There is nothing I can do to help them. I can't possibly tell the children "Never mind la. Grades are just a number game." No. To me, Education is #1 priority. I would like to see my children study all the way up to a degree or even a P.H.D

I want to help my students. I want to help these children to be an all rounder superstar. Excel in both their studies and sports. Learn the virtue of a good sportsman and apply the discipline onto their studies. Let them have no worries and stress to choose between sports and studies.

Profit Margin is not our main target. Helping the children is. That is where we are coming from. The thing about teaching is that the kind of satisfaction can never be brought by any amount of money. We don't need to have a big house or a luxury car to drive in. We just want to help as much children as possible in both their academic results and swimming ability.

Therefore, you have an answer. We don't do selective teaching of students. We teach all kind of students. So long, he/she need help. We will give our best to help.

Having said that, we have catered for FREE POP CORNS, FREE CANDY FLOSS AND FREE BALLOONS for the children during our open house on 19 March 2011 from 10am - 12noon. So, join us during that day and talk to any of our teachers. =)

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