Monday, 21 March 2011

She said YES!

Thanks to Cheryl from Hivelocity, Farhanah from Mp & Silva, Marj, Marcus, Terence, Sam & Fluodric ideas, I decided that I will make my proposal to Xiao Xin @ my Ironman finishing line. 

And Yes I did. And Yes, she agreed to marry me! =)

Last but not least, Thank you to JiaRui and Norin for making the nice board. It's really sweet and heart warming to know that I have such a nice brother n his gf who will go to such extreme just to help me. And not forgetting my parents who were there for the whole 6hours just to see how I went down on my knees to propose. 

And each and everyone who was out there senting me good luck wishes. Thank you! =)

Xiao Xin said YES to my proposal. =)

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