Tuesday, 1 March 2011


I have a Niece (My cousin daughter) name Jamie, age 6.

Jamie first started learning swimming from me at age 5. And just like any other children who enters the water for the first time, was full of curiosity and wonder.

I still remember clearly how she first sat at the edge of the swimming pool, refusing to enter the water. Now, when a child refuses to enter the water. Some coaches are at a loss of what to do next. Aei, if a child dun enter water. How to teach her how to blow bubbles?

But I tried. I carried her into the water in all forms. Piggy back, Bear carry, whatever forms of carrying you can think of, I brought her into the water. And yes, Thanks to the encouragement of my Cousin Jie Jie, after a few lessons, Jamie was willing to enter the water.

From 30mins in the pool, she progressed to 40mins in the pool.

New challenges popped up during almost every lesson. Soon, she will complaint about the water being cold and will keep running towards her mummy (sounds like a typical kid who's a little phobia about water ya?)

But still, I tried to coax her to stay longer in the water.

For the next few months was the most challenging part. Teaching her how to blow bubbles and floating on her own.

Blowing bubbles requires the full submersion of the head in the water. To some children, they might be able to do it so easily. But to some, it takes a lot alot of courage. And yes, encouragement from the parents (Well done Jie Jie & Juan!) is really important. But to me, most importantly is the child willingness to try new things by herself. Way to go Jamie!

Fast forward to 2011. Not only has Jamie overcome her phobia of water. She's now swimming in the deep pool. Impressive isn't it! =) Wait till you see how she jump off the starting block. That's really a big milestone for her! =)

My career is full of fulfillment whenever I see a child reaching his/her big milestone. It gives me a huge satisfaction to know that I've helped a child in achieving results.

And the most encouraging words come from the parents. This is an extract of what my Jamie mummy,Chrissy Whatsapp me about.

"Yesterday was a moment of triumph for Jamie n us. She believed she can, we didn't quite believe, but she jumped happily from the podium. Me n hubs r delighted to witness that first jump; easy for other kids, a huge hurdle for timid shy her. Thank you for making us believe in our litttle girl. She has learnt not just swimming but a life lesson (courage) from you.

To me, you are always a little cousin, the way I see my youngest sis. But you are more than that in her eyes. A relative, a coach, a teacher. I told my mum and she applaud you!" 

Thank you!  =)

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