Tuesday, 22 March 2011

My Ironman Proposal

And so, the big day is finally here. My Aviva Ironman 70.3 Singapore 2011. It's not just another race for me. It's my dream race. Where I'm going to hit a new PB (personal best) & my dream proposal at the finishing line.

Checked in @ 6.45am to do my last min preparations for the race.
When I was about to leave Transition, a fellow Ironman needed my floor pump. Apparently, he had a flat tyre. Immediately helped him with his tyre. That's the spirit of an Ironman.
Making sure his wheels are ready to go.
1 final photo @ my Transition area before I head to my swim warm up.
At the swim warm up area...
Feeling all good after the warm up.
Listening to last min advices from my supporters.
My brother a.k.a my Die Hard Supporter!!
A family portrait!!
Photo session with the designers who spent so much hours designing the board just to support me!!!
And with my girlfriend (Yes, still girlfriend at that point in time. hee...)
To some, it might be just another race. But to my family. It's more than a race. It's my proposal day!!!
20th March 2011. (which is also, our 1year anniversary)
One more photo before my wave starts....

Getting ready for my wave to start. Can you spot Teacher Jerry? I'm being dwarfed by all the Giants!
Bang! Off I'm gone. I was expecting to come out of the water within 38mins - 40mins. But I sighted for the wrong Buoy. Ended up wasting 10mins in the sea. That's the price to pay for wrong sighting in the open waters. 1 lesson learned! =)
My die hard supporter and his trademark silly smile.
Told you! He's my die hard supporter! Finally emerged from the open water after 49mins of swim.
Biking time! 90km to go!
See you all in 3hrs time! And did I say I have a clever family? During my 3hours of bike leg, they went to Parkway Parade for shopping!!! Clever ya! =)
Half Marathon time! Run faster Jerry! Run! Run!
Sprinting back to the finishing line!!!!
At the finishing line, I held a bouquet of 99 pink roses, went down on my knees and proposed to Xiaoxin.

"Would you marry me?"

Look at the board behind! And the expression of the camera crew! =)

She said YES!

The heaven must have been touched by our love that it rained during my proposal and sunshine came soon after that. =)

Another detailed board done by Jiarui and Norin. Kudos to them and their effort! 100% heartfelt!
Thanks to Jwoods from Queensway. They helped me print my Tee Shirt! Bright pink words with
"Xiao Xin Will You Marry Me?"

My Dream proposal at the finishing line with the forever vibrant commentator, Whit Raymond.
And Yes, I make her tear. =)
Thank you to everyone @ Aviva, Hivelocity, HiTri, MP & Silva, Jwoods, Green Palette, Luk Fook Jewellery for making my proposal a successful one.


Melvin Gilbert said...

OH MY GOD... soooooo romanticcc...!!! congratulations for both of you..!! :)

Anonymous said...

Jerry! You are the man! I am crying after reading what you did for my friend.

Jerry Toh said...

Thanks Melvin for your well wishes! Hope u r well with cindy too! =)

Anonymous, Thank u. I will do whatever I can to protect her. =) Btw, u r? Hee....

--andy-- said...

congrats ! This proposal will always be remembered :)

Cutie said...

women always remember d proposal cos it's d sweetest start of every gd things.

Anonymous said...

hey i am miss toh's ex-student ^^
saw this while googling --
i hope you two will be happy!
just tell her that her goddaughter says hi :D