Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Bless her please

Last night, while travelling back home. Xiaoxin called me.

I picked up the phone and heard her weak and frightening voice on the other line.

"Dear Dear. I had an accident."

My heart stopped. My first reaction was to pulled up my van along the road side. I couldn't care less that it was a double yellow line. I didn't even bother to took my valuables out. If my van were to be summoned or get towed away, let it be.

Nothing was more important than to get to Xiaoxin asap.

I switch on the hazard lights and left my headlights on.

I sprinted 400meters from Sembawang Cottage Macdonald all the way back to Sembawang Road just outside Dieppe Barrack. That must be my fastest n longest 400m sprinting. My whole mind was in a mess. Is she injured? Is she alright? Is she in a safe place now? Or worst, is she trapped in her car?

I kept running in my oversized slippers wanting to reach to her as soon as possible.

When I reached there. My eyes were only looking for Xiaoxin. I saw her standing in the middle of the road looking helpless.

I went up, gave her a hug and asked if she was ok but she was still in a stage of fright.

She told me, the impact of the taxi was so great that her car (that was stationary) was pushed forward to hit another car.

I was furious, I was mad. I wanted to confront that Taxi Driver. But I realised, I needed to keep my cool. I need to protect Xiaoxin. We took down all 3 drivers particulars and called 1 of my student (Keith) mum, Serene.

She arranged for a tow truck and we were @ her workshop to settle all the paperwork @ 12midnight. She even arrange a spare car for Xiaoxin. Really kudos to her! I'm touched to have parents who are willing to go the extra mile for us. Thank you. Really. If not for Serene, we will both be at a loss.

Today, Xiaoxin went to see the doc. The doc gave her 3 days of MC. Which means, we have to make a police report on the incident. I'm so worried if she's ok, if she will have any after shock.

It's all my fault. I should have insisted on driving just 1 vehicle home. I should have insisted her to take my van. I should have send her home. Why didn't I?

Damages to the car is a small issue.
Damages to the body isn't.

How could I ever forgive myself if anything were to happen to her. How could I ever live without her?
She said everytime she needed something, she will pray to Lord and Lord will give it to her.

If what she say is true. I shall pray for her. Dear Lord, please send Xiaoxin all my Guardian Angels and protect her from all evil and harm.

And if ever there's anything that needs to be taken away. Take it from me.

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