Monday, 28 March 2011

1 week after.

So, its been a week since I proposed to my wife to be. It seems as though, I just went down on my knees yesterday. =)

That excitement, that anticipation of her answer and of course, the adrenaline rush stills linger in my heart.

Thank you for everyone well wishes. Be it a warm handshake, sms, whatsapp, facebook, bbm, email, msn, blog comments, phone calls. Thank you.

If my life were to be written into a book, there will definitely be lots of different chapters.

1) 14 July 1984 @ Toa Payoh Hospital
2) Childhood memories
3) Primary School life (In particular P6 life)
4) Work life @ the age of 14
5) Chronicles of Teacher Jerry - The Swimming Coach
6) My Ironman experience
7) Xiaoxin
8) Getting married.

Exciting yeah! *Any book publisher wanna publish my story? Hee....*

Anyway, I was sharing over the weekends. Proposal seems to be an easy thing. Preparation for marriage seem to be such a Tedious affair.

Well, I'm glad that my Xiaoxin is a wedding planner! So I can leave everything to her! She's the wife to be. Whatever she says, goes doesn't it... =)

Marriage is a 2 person affair. But in reality, it's more than just putting both our signature on the papers that gives you the passport to apply for a HDB flat.

When my mum know about my proposal, she has already make plans on who to invite for our wedding dinner. =) And I won't be surprise, most of the relatives she invite I might not even have seen before. =)

But that's tradition ya? Being the eldest son in the family. I must have a Big Bang wedding dinner. =) I truly believe, my generation friends would choose to skip the wedding dinner if given a chance. To some, a wedding dinner is merely a fashion show where the bride and groom march in 2,3 times. =) But well, being a filial son, I must fulfill their wishes and have a big bang wedding dinner.

Dates for our wedding dinner remains unknown until the "MASTER" gives us an auspicious date. Hee... =p

After which, we shall source for the venue and let the words out that we are getting married. =)

Do I have a dream wedding dinner? Nope. Because, being able to marry Xiaoxin is like a dream come true for me. Whatever wishes she wants, I will fulfill it for her. Whatever request both side parents want, I will do my best to accommodate them.

But I still insist on my wedding lion dance. I don't care. Call me chin-na. I want to have 1 pair of wedding lion dancing on my wedding dinner. =p

And yes, I want to marry her in style. So I hope I can save enough to rent either a Porsche, a Ferrari or a Lamborghini during our wedding. That's all I want. To marry her in style.


Paul Shin said...

Bro, indeed im super delighted for u and ur fiancee. im glad u found someone who u will definitely cherish and love.

dun forget to invite me to ur big day. esp when i was part of ur "(3) Primary 6 life".

those days were havoc. fun-filled and homework-copying frenzy. under-void-deck soccer. breaking-light-bulb days. totally loved it. haha.

marriage is a phase of life whereby another much greater responsibility requires us to handle (dunno why i phrase it that way haha.)and i know you will be a great husband and father, as u have been a great friend in our childhood life. haha. void-deck soccer FTW!!!

Take care... i've been an avid reader of ur blog.. fyi, i follow ur news alot.. rmb, im "behind the scenes" person. lol


Jerry Toh said...

Yes Bro! Time flies doesnt it ya!?

Few years back, we were still calling those man playing basketball "UNCLE". Now, we are "Uncle" liaoz...

haha... Basketball, void deck soccer, long john and Arcade @ Yishun 10 and OCC are some of the best memories we share.

Indeed, Marriage is a new chapter for everyone of us with bigger responsibility and lots of unknown ahead....

Glad that u r following my life! I miss u man... Let's have a get together when everyone is less busy... =)