Sunday, 20 February 2011

No Goggles Day aftermath

I have some of the most scary kiddos any teachers will experience. I blogged @ 12.39pm during my lunch break and my kiddos come to class @ 3,4pm and they auto hand me their goggles...

I even have kiddos who volunteer to be "monitor" and collect all the goggles and hand me the goggles before class! And they can hand me those goggles and tell me. "Na. Teacher Jerry. Today No goggles day." Woah!! Love these kiddos man....

Was really glad that I taught my Sunday kiddos how to swim without goggles. =) Some cried, Some screamed but mostly were cheering that they could swim without goggles. It was like a day in school where the teacher tell the class, "Lets not use our textbooks today."

And I'm so happy that those who attended today lesson are confident to swim in the deep pool without goggles! Hmmm.. Maybe Teacher Jerry should let them swim without goggles again next week.. Hee.... =p

Alright, after one whole day of playing with my kiddos, time to head the bed. I have less than 10hours before my next lesson starts on monday... =)

Goodnight World. And thanks for sharing Teacher Jerry joy of "No Goggles Day"! Wooo Hooo!! =)

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