Sunday, 13 February 2011

My Stage.

After resting for almost a week due to CNY. The feeling of getting back into the water and coaching the kiddos was great.

Time flies with the usual laughter and noises from them. And I was grinning to myself this afternoon. I believe, I've found my stage. Everyone has a stage, a platform. Thought, my platform might be just a small square block of  21" x 21". But that's more than enough for me. Just seeing those kids swimming happily in the water. That means so much to me.

Like what Xiaoxin and I discussed during my lunch break. When we are pursuing something that we have a passion in. It comes to a point where we no longer measure by how much we earn. ( I don't earn much anyway. Especially being self employed. You can imagine how unstable & volatile our income is.) But by how happy we are. We judge our wealth by our happiness. Not by monetary terms.

So, if someone were to ask me if I'm rich. I will reply you. Yes, I'm very rich. Rich with happiness and love from my kiddos.

And just like Andy Lau song... I Don't want to say GoodBye. Because, The Swimming Pool is my stage.

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