Monday, 28 February 2011


Statistics shows that 80% of my students have taken their SwimSafer test since it was implemented on July 5, 2010.

Hope to have @ least 95% students SwimSafer certified by end of March. =)

Teacher Jerry provides only the best and most relevant (up to date) syllabus. That's what 1 parent said to her friends over the weekends.

Friday, 25 February 2011

My papa..

My papa is 1 funny man.

He said this to me the other day when he's in the living room, watching his fav “爱”

Dad: "When I was at your age. My child is already 3 years old."
Me: "Oh. That must be one handsome son you have."
Dad: "Where's your son?"
Me: "Aei........... Last time, Police wear short pants drive Toyota. Now, Police wear long pants drive Subaru. Time have change Pa..." =p

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Why Teachers Quit

Some books like these can be borrowed from the library. But they are not available off the shelves.

You need to make a reservation that cost you $1.55

And sometimes, you wonder why? :)
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Record Breakers

My record so far for adult swimmers is teaching them how to swim in 4 lessons.

Last night, these 10 ladies broke my record. They learn to swim in just 3 lessons! Wooo Hooo!

Nope. It's not the Teacher that's good*. It's always the diligent of the students.

So ladies, time to say good bye to the medium pool and Hello to the deep pool!!! Hee....

P/s: The teacher's not that good. The teacher's the best! =p

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

President’s Award for Teachers 2011

The President's Award for Teachers 2011 is now open for nomination.

The nomination period for President's Award for Teachers 2011 is open.

The award gives national recognition to the critical role of teachers play in moulding the future of our nation. These excellent teachers prepare their students for life.

They are models of commitment to continual learning and enterprise.

They are those who, through word and deed, inspire both their students and peers. The award will be presented by the President of the Republic of Singapore on Teachers' Day. At least one primary school teacher and one secondary school/junior colleage/centralised institute teacher will receive the award.

The closing date for nominations is 9 Mar 2011 (Wednesday), 5pm

Online Submission Here

Sunday, 20 February 2011

No Goggles Day aftermath

I have some of the most scary kiddos any teachers will experience. I blogged @ 12.39pm during my lunch break and my kiddos come to class @ 3,4pm and they auto hand me their goggles...

I even have kiddos who volunteer to be "monitor" and collect all the goggles and hand me the goggles before class! And they can hand me those goggles and tell me. "Na. Teacher Jerry. Today No goggles day." Woah!! Love these kiddos man....

Was really glad that I taught my Sunday kiddos how to swim without goggles. =) Some cried, Some screamed but mostly were cheering that they could swim without goggles. It was like a day in school where the teacher tell the class, "Lets not use our textbooks today."

And I'm so happy that those who attended today lesson are confident to swim in the deep pool without goggles! Hmmm.. Maybe Teacher Jerry should let them swim without goggles again next week.. Hee.... =p

Alright, after one whole day of playing with my kiddos, time to head the bed. I have less than 10hours before my next lesson starts on monday... =)

Goodnight World. And thanks for sharing Teacher Jerry joy of "No Goggles Day"! Wooo Hooo!! =)

No Goggles Day!

Teacher Jerry declared 20/02/2011 as No Goggles Day! Hee...
Confiscated the kiddos goggles today and taught them to swim without goggles.
Swimming without goggles is a whole new level of swimming. Try asking your child to swim without goggles and I can guarantee for the first time, they will be busy "washing" their faces..... Hee....
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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Swimsafer certs

Dear students,
For those who have took your swimsafer test on 22 Nov 2010, your certs are ready for collection.
Just make sure u give Teacher Jerry a big smile when you collect them :)
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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Hong Kong Day 4.

I brought this for Xiao Xin.

0.56 Carat Diamond Ring from Luk Fook Jewellery
D Color Grade
VS1 Clarity
Excellent Cut Grade
Excellent Polish
Excellent Symmetry
Crystal Pinpoint Finish Clarity Characteristics
Strong Blue Fluorescence

And since we are there. Might as well choose our wedding bands. =) *sweet*
No. I have not propose to her yet. I'm waiting for the "day". When will that day be? Surprise!!!!!! =)

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Don't Laugh.

Did you laugh @ the video? I didn't.

Instead, I teared.

His name is Eric Moussambani. Moussambani gained entry to the Olympics without meeting the minimum qualification requirements via a wildcard draw designed to encourage developing countries without expensive training facilities to participate

Before coming to the Olympics, Moussambani had never seen a 50 m (160 ft) long Olympic-size swimming pool. He took up swimming only eight months before the Olympics and had practiced in a 20 m (66 ft) pool at a hotel in Malabo.

Yet, he could set himself a record time of 1:52.72 for his 100m freestyle.

At the very least, he had the courage to completed the race.

There are people out there who's trying so hard to achieve something that most of us might took for granted. In Singapore, we basically have Swimming pools everywhere where one could just jump right in and swim. But in Equatorial Guinea, where Moussambani is from. Swimming pools are such a luxury.

We are 1 lucky nation arn't we.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

My Stage.

After resting for almost a week due to CNY. The feeling of getting back into the water and coaching the kiddos was great.

Time flies with the usual laughter and noises from them. And I was grinning to myself this afternoon. I believe, I've found my stage. Everyone has a stage, a platform. Thought, my platform might be just a small square block of  21" x 21". But that's more than enough for me. Just seeing those kids swimming happily in the water. That means so much to me.

Like what Xiaoxin and I discussed during my lunch break. When we are pursuing something that we have a passion in. It comes to a point where we no longer measure by how much we earn. ( I don't earn much anyway. Especially being self employed. You can imagine how unstable & volatile our income is.) But by how happy we are. We judge our wealth by our happiness. Not by monetary terms.

So, if someone were to ask me if I'm rich. I will reply you. Yes, I'm very rich. Rich with happiness and love from my kiddos.

And just like Andy Lau song... I Don't want to say GoodBye. Because, The Swimming Pool is my stage.

Friday, 11 February 2011

New Modifications & Accessories

Guess what's in the box?!
My new Lazer Tardiz Aero Helmet from Chapter 2 cycle! Wooo Hooo! The helmets look as thought it's meant for the Emperor. =)

It fit me to a Tee! It's simply tailored made for me lah... It's mine...
And thanks to Fluodric for lending me his Zipp 404. Now, my bike is race ready... Gotta work on those muscles now..... 37 more days!!!
 Photo credits: Teacher Xiaoxin!  <3

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


6months ago, in order to accommodate my SUV. We had a family meeting.

Agenda: To sell off our Toyota Vios and "downgrade" to Opel Combo.

It was a sacrifice that Teacher Jerry had to make. It was simply not practical anymore to drive the Vios anymore as our equipments increases...

Hence, making the decision was pretty easy. =)

Never mind the fact that I now drive a van. It's just a vehicle that gets me and my SUV from point A to point B.

In fact, I'm glad that I'm driving opel combo now! =) Loading all the swimming equipments up and down is such a breeze now.. =)

Thankfully, I have a supportive family ( & Xiaoxin) who don't mind downgrading together with me. =)

Thursday, 3 February 2011


Wishing everyone a Prosperous and Happy Lunar New Year!

Also students do take note that there will be no swimming lessons for this week. All swimming lessons will resume from 7th February 2011.

Hope all kids collect lots of Ang Bao! =)

P/s: Xx and I are on our way to Genting. So, see you guys on 7th Feb. Everyone. HUAT Ah!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Baby Charcoal

12am now and I'm still wide awake.

Wide awake admiring my baby charcoal.. :p Nice! Can't wait to bring him out for a ride ASAP once e road turns dry!
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