Tuesday, 11 January 2011

My English Teacher.

This is Chloe and she is my english teacher. =p

Teacher Jerry: "Chloe, let's swim "tree" laps."

Chloe: "Jerry! It's THREE. Not Tree." And she shows me her tongue to pronounce the letter 3!
Teacher Jerry: "Ok. After that, I want you to jump "true" the hola hoops ok?"

Chloe: "No. Not True. It's THRough! True is like Is this true or False."

Teacher Jerry sticking out my tongue and pronouce the letters as accurately as I can.. =p

Teacher Jerry: "How abt we swim our "October" strokes?!"
Chloe: "Octopus. Jerry, pronouce after me. Oc-to-pus. Why are you eating your letters up?"

Aei.... Chloe is only 6years old and I'm currently dating an English Major Teacher who's teaching the best 2 class in her school.

Conculsion: Time to spend more time with my girlfriend!

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