Thursday, 13 January 2011

Hong Kong Day 5

Day 5! And we decided to spend some time visiting the Ten Thousand Monastery also know as 万佛寺。

Before reaching the monastery itself, there is a long flight of stairs that you gotta climb!!! Along the way, there are so many status on both side of the road. Spectacular!

观音娘娘 in pure white Jade.

We especially like this.
We make a promise. When we've our own children, we will come back to give thanks. =)
After visiting the temple, it's time to visit Hollywood Road! Lan Fong Yuen! Super famous for their milk tea...
On the mid-way escalator, still happily munching my burger away.... =p
 And by a stroke of chance & luck! We found this shop!!! Wooo Hooo!!!

My fav Snake soup!!

Guess what the Shop owner is trying to do?
Show casing his most precious Cobra snake! Yes, I'm sure it's a cobra!!

No hor, I wasn't scared... I was just amazed... =p

Told you I wasn't scared! Hee... Just a tiny winny bit perhaps... =p

I totally love this shop!!!

Just right beside, I saw this cake. So decided to buy this for Xx... Hee... Legend has it that once a man brought a woman a “老婆饼” and if she eats it...  She will becomes the “老婆”。

Romantic love story created by Jerry Toh. =p
 Sweetheart cake must have taste lovely.... =)

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