Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Tuesday is one of those days where I'll be able to sneak out an evening period to spend time or so called "go par-tok" with xiaoxin.

So, off we went to Cathay to watch Andy Lau new show "新少林寺" after good reviews by my younger brother.

My reviews: 4 Stars / 5 Stars

It's just a very simple plot where after you watch the trailer, you will know eventually what happens to Andy Lau. But. The actors acting skills make everything so real. And with the incorporation of Buddha teachings in it. It's really a meaningful show.

After the show, I couldn't help but think. We will always realised how fortunate and lucky we were after we lost something/someone. And what a wonderful world it will be if everyone can have compassion and forgiveness for one and other.

If, sometimes, all we need is just a little bit more patience in waiting for that granny who's waiting in the Q in front of us to search for that 10cent coin from her purse.

If, sometimes, all we need is to use our heart to listen to what the children wants to tell us how he/she feels about their favourite cartoon show.

If, sometimes, all we need is simply look into the eyes of a stranger when communicating with them to make them feel secure.

Why not?

I like Religion. be it Taoism, Buddhism,Christianity, Catholic, Islam or Hinduism . These are the religion that I come across quite often. Religion teaches us good values and moral. And I believe that's where one can find spirtual peace when communicating with the mighty one up there.

And I leave you with Andy Lau new song - 悟

Disclaimer: We paid our own tickets for the movie and I'm not even given a piece of "Bak-Gwa" writing this review. Purely, Teacher Jerry just like to share good things with everyone. =) I'm a Teacher. I Share.

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