Monday, 31 January 2011


With the freezing weather for the past 2 days. It really takes 1 swimming coach to be an Eskimo to teach swimming....

On another note, Nicholas is exhausted.
Aei... Exhausted from my training or exhausted from too much fun? Hee.....

I love it when he climb out of the pool and just lie down on the floor and say.. "Ah......."

 Last but not least... Baby charcoal is all raved up. Serviced, cleaned and nicely tuned up... =) I love those yellow bar tapes... Now, Just my aero helmet is missing.....

Sunday, 30 January 2011

It takes...

to be an Eskimo to coach in this kind of weather!

But we are still here coaching. This is commitment.
Another post by Teacher Jerry.

Thursday, 27 January 2011


Ok, Children! Next Thursday no swimming lesson because Chinese New Year.

Teacher Jerry: "恭喜发财"
Kids: "红包拿来"

Teacher Jerry: "Ok.. Den I change. "学业进步"
Kids: "红包还是拿来!"

Haha... Sometimes, I simply adore these kids...
Another post by Teacher Jerry.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Tuesday is one of those days where I'll be able to sneak out an evening period to spend time or so called "go par-tok" with xiaoxin.

So, off we went to Cathay to watch Andy Lau new show "新少林寺" after good reviews by my younger brother.

My reviews: 4 Stars / 5 Stars

It's just a very simple plot where after you watch the trailer, you will know eventually what happens to Andy Lau. But. The actors acting skills make everything so real. And with the incorporation of Buddha teachings in it. It's really a meaningful show.

After the show, I couldn't help but think. We will always realised how fortunate and lucky we were after we lost something/someone. And what a wonderful world it will be if everyone can have compassion and forgiveness for one and other.

If, sometimes, all we need is just a little bit more patience in waiting for that granny who's waiting in the Q in front of us to search for that 10cent coin from her purse.

If, sometimes, all we need is to use our heart to listen to what the children wants to tell us how he/she feels about their favourite cartoon show.

If, sometimes, all we need is simply look into the eyes of a stranger when communicating with them to make them feel secure.

Why not?

I like Religion. be it Taoism, Buddhism,Christianity, Catholic, Islam or Hinduism . These are the religion that I come across quite often. Religion teaches us good values and moral. And I believe that's where one can find spirtual peace when communicating with the mighty one up there.

And I leave you with Andy Lau new song - 悟

Disclaimer: We paid our own tickets for the movie and I'm not even given a piece of "Bak-Gwa" writing this review. Purely, Teacher Jerry just like to share good things with everyone. =) I'm a Teacher. I Share.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Secret To You

We all feel depressed, negative at times. Especially things that we wanted so much don't come along our way. At times, we might even be so agitated that we become "Emo" and affect others around us.

So here I am! Dedicating this video to everyone out there who needs a little encouragement. =)

p/s: Educate the children early with positive vibes and they will grew up stronger than you can imagine.

Race plan

Race plan for Singapore Aviva Ironman 70.3 2011
8.20am - Swim wave starts.
40mins later

9am - Bike Ride starts.
3hrs later

12noon - Run route starts.
2hours later

2pm - Get to embrace in the arms of love ones.

And you are thinking why would anyone want to run @ 12noon? An Ironman.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Servicing Time!

Time for Baby Charcoal to go servicing!!!

New bar tapes! Yum yum!!
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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Huat Ah!

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Friday, 21 January 2011

Against all odds

We have a lot to learn everyday. Be it from a friend or a stranger.

In Hong Kong, while shopping along Ladies Market, we came this stranger. He lost his hands. But that didnt break up his will to survive.

Now looking back at the video. I'm just glad that I got 1 flower from him to give to Xiao Xin. =)

Hong Kong Day 6

Last day in Hong Kong! And we are already missing it.

1st thing in the morning and off we go to THE PEAK!

 The Prince and the Princess with the lucky guards....
 At the peak...
 New York Fries!

We had thoughts of franchising New York fries into Singapore but we just couldn't raise enough money for the franchising fees... So, if you have the financial means to bring them into Singapore. Please do! Teacher Summer and Teacher Jerry will be your loyal supporters!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Valentine Day Present!

My silly Summer brought me a new Oakley!

She said it's my Valentine Day present! OMG!!!
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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Hong Kong Day 5

Day 5! And we decided to spend some time visiting the Ten Thousand Monastery also know as 万佛寺。

Before reaching the monastery itself, there is a long flight of stairs that you gotta climb!!! Along the way, there are so many status on both side of the road. Spectacular!

观音娘娘 in pure white Jade.

We especially like this.
We make a promise. When we've our own children, we will come back to give thanks. =)
After visiting the temple, it's time to visit Hollywood Road! Lan Fong Yuen! Super famous for their milk tea...
On the mid-way escalator, still happily munching my burger away.... =p
 And by a stroke of chance & luck! We found this shop!!! Wooo Hooo!!!

My fav Snake soup!!

Guess what the Shop owner is trying to do?
Show casing his most precious Cobra snake! Yes, I'm sure it's a cobra!!

No hor, I wasn't scared... I was just amazed... =p

Told you I wasn't scared! Hee... Just a tiny winny bit perhaps... =p

I totally love this shop!!!

Just right beside, I saw this cake. So decided to buy this for Xx... Hee... Legend has it that once a man brought a woman a “老婆饼” and if she eats it...  She will becomes the “老婆”。

Romantic love story created by Jerry Toh. =p
 Sweetheart cake must have taste lovely.... =)

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

My English Teacher.

This is Chloe and she is my english teacher. =p

Teacher Jerry: "Chloe, let's swim "tree" laps."

Chloe: "Jerry! It's THREE. Not Tree." And she shows me her tongue to pronounce the letter 3!
Teacher Jerry: "Ok. After that, I want you to jump "true" the hola hoops ok?"

Chloe: "No. Not True. It's THRough! True is like Is this true or False."

Teacher Jerry sticking out my tongue and pronouce the letters as accurately as I can.. =p

Teacher Jerry: "How abt we swim our "October" strokes?!"
Chloe: "Octopus. Jerry, pronouce after me. Oc-to-pus. Why are you eating your letters up?"

Aei.... Chloe is only 6years old and I'm currently dating an English Major Teacher who's teaching the best 2 class in her school.

Conculsion: Time to spend more time with my girlfriend!

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


The Mediocre Teacher Tells.

The Good Teacher Explains.

The Superior Teacher Demonstrates.

The Great Teacher Inspires.

- William Arthur Ward

Thank you for making us the #1!

Monday, 3 January 2011

Hong Kong Day 4

After 3 days of continuous walking, shopping and eating, we decided to take things slow on Day 4 and decided that we should stay around Yau Ma Tei area.

We walked once again to Victoria Harbour. And saw my long lost love. Mobile Softee! Hee...
 The famous clock tower near the Star Ferry pier.

 Xiao xin photography skills are that good! Capturing the 1 and only junk boat behind us. =)

Hello. Hello.. Testing. Testing....
I'm in charge of carrying our tripod around. The tripod that takes great photos of us... =p

l'Elsir d'Amore
 Another "exotic" food considered by Xx. Roasted Pigeon! My favourite! And it's so hard to find a restaurant that sells that nowadays.
 After dinner, we went back to Victoria Harbour to catch the "Symphony of Lights"
 where we took great shots again!
This is my personal favourite. =)

 Day 4 was boring? No way... Number 1, we were really too tired out to venture to other areas hence we decided to rest abit on Day 4 and explore more on Day 5 & 6.

Number 2, I brought something on Day 4 which.... shall be revealed tml. =p

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year!