Wednesday, 1 December 2010

SwimSafer Test!

The first pioneer batch of SwimSafer kiddos went for their Stage 1 test the other day...

Comments from both parents and kids was... The kids had fun during the test! (Where on earth do you find kids taking test fun and not stress?! Hee...)

And that the whole test procedure, including the testers were Super duper professional! =)

As always, our family photo.... =)

Tester Mr Lam giving the kiddos 1 last briefing before their test starts..... Feel their anticipation and excitement.....

First up! Slide in entry!

The water was freezing! Haha... Classic!

But excitement always surpass the cold of water..... SMILE!

Front floatation.... Look @ how streamline their body is! These are my students!! *Proud*

Up next: Back floatation....

Teacher Jerry: "Claudia! People go liao, you still waiting for what?"
Claudia: "Take photo first lah!   =p "

Getting all dress up for their next event, Life Jacket!
Sweet! Vivian helping her sister to put on her shorts... *Sweet* *Sweet* *Sweet*

Nicohlas must be thinking "Later I'm going to float on my back holding my life jacket tight. Just like what Teacher Jerry taught me."

All focused.....

Go Go Go!!!

Aei... Teacher Jerry... Must float for how long ah?

Teacher Jerry: "Float until you see a helicopter or an aeroplane.. Then you wave for help! Hee... No lah, 30Seconds! 30 Seconds!!"

Congratulations to all the kiddos who have pass your SwimSafer Test!!! You all did so well!! WOOOoooo HOOOoooo!! =)

Also, can't forget to thank all the parents who took the time out to witness together with Teacher Jerry how well your children have done. I truly believe, your presence did make a difference to them.  =)

*Clap Clap* Well Done Kids! So proud of you all!

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--andy-- said...

u must be one proud teacher :)