Monday, 20 December 2010

Hong Kong! Hong Kong!!!

In just a few hours time, Teacher Jerry will be on board the plane to Hong Kong with Teacher Summer for our 1st Overseas Trip together on a plane! Hee....

We will be boarding JetStar 3K691 to Hong Kong and 3K696 back to Singapore on 25Dec.

My plan is:
Reach Singapore on 26 Dec.
Head home for a quick sleep and start my 1st class @ 8am.
Hee.. That's how hardworking I am! Hee... =)

And Yes, I know lots of you will be missing Teacher Jerry. So, thankfully our "Hotel" have Wi fi. So feel free to email me your misses and thoughts. =p Er.. I mean, any questions and enquires please email me @

For new class and beginners schedules, you may contact Rae @ 9389 3858.

Xiaoxin and I are so super duper excited. Who cares if we are on a budget airline, who cares if we stay in a "Booth Lodge". So long, we are together. That's all it matters!! It's not about the place. It's about the companion...

错的人对的地方, 那是错误的..
对的人的地方, 那是正确的..

Ok! Got a flight to catch now. See you guys on 26 Dec!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! HO Ho Hoo....... =D

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--andy-- said...

happy weekend and trip :)