Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Hong Kong Day 2!

Last night we felt sore on our legs after all the long walk but still, we need to make a trip up to Shen Zhen where we meet up with our business partners..

@ the metro going to Shen Zhen.
We are lovers of roadside stalls. See something nice, we grab it up and just munch it. Haha... We didnt even have a proper meal! =p

 Another roadside stall, just right beside a busy road. Haha.. The whole plate of dumplings cost us less than $2. We couldn't finish it. Yet, we didn't want to waste the food. So, we got it package up. And gave it to an old lady who was begging by the road side.

Lao Jie. Where the action happens... Most people will visit Luo Wu. But we decided to adventure just abit further.. hee... =p
Xx was so shagged with all the walkings that she requested First Class seat on the way back to Hong Kong. Surely, I accommodate to her request. =) 2nd day only, I don't wanna tired her out... <3

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