Friday, 19 November 2010

Intensive Holiday Lessons

I thought this post might be of use since I've been rejecting alot of parents who call to enquire about my lessons....

You see... Usually during this time of the year, I will be busy arranging classes for intensive holiday lessons.

But not this coming Dec. I decided that I should have a good "School Holiday Break" too and spent more time with my family and love ones. =)

Since Xx & I got together on 23rd March,  honestly we haven't been spending 1 good quality day together. It's always either she's in school or I'm in the pool. And when we are finally free, it's usually past 9pm.

So, I decided that this school holiday I want to spent more time with her and explore all those places that we have yet to go together. Etc A trip to the bird park, Toys Museum, Ubin & our Hong Kong trip... =)

I still love my kiddos, I still love teaching them. Nothing's gonna change that. Just that I want to be fair to Xx and my family too. If I missed this Dec holiday, the next holiday where she will be free will be in June. And if I were to miss this 2010 Dec Holiday. It's going to be missed forever. “人生短短几十年 ”How many 10years do we have?

I don't want to miss spending time with my loves one while I can. It's always a joy having the whole family sitting down a table and enjoying dinner together. I'm most fortunate that our family gets to dine together once a week. =)

The other reason is that I wanna spent more time on my Ironman 70.3 training. I saw the timings of the World Championship and I'm nowhere near the elites at this moment. So, I reckon I just gotta put in more effort and time into training. One day, I will be up there racing with the pros.

So, no intensive holiday programs this time round but the regular once a week session with the kiddos remain as per normal.  =)

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