Monday, 1 November 2010

Children's Day Party 2010!!!

Finally! Our big day arrives on 30th October 2010. Yes, this year our party is late... Like really late.. Well, that's because we thought of the kiddos school examinations and PSLE..

Hence, we postponed till the end of Oct. But, we didn't realised that 30th Oct was the date where most of the K2's were having their Graduation parade! =)

Like always, it's bound to rain during our party... Hence, Xx decided to place "Chili & Onion" all around the venue to prevent the rain from coming. It's long believed that the combination of Chili & Onion = Anti- Rain. But sadly, the strategy doesn't seem to work for us.... Hee...

This year, we had photos since 2005 that brought back lots of memories... =)

We were there on site since 8am in the morning... While our party was planned to start @ 1pm. =)

The kids came... and shortly after that the rain came. =) But that didn't damper the kiddos mood for party. Sometimes, we as adults can learn so much from the kiddos....

The kiddos were playing on the field and the rain came... The kiddos all ran back to our "Home-Build" Shelter. 5mins later, the rain stopped. The kiddos came out running around the field again. Despite the muddy field, despite the drizzle. They just ran and ran..... =)

Everything happens for a reason. The rain came because they know if it was a sunny weather, my kiddos will find it too hot to play outside. Hence, the wonderful rain visited our party for a short while to cool down the weather so that they kids can go wild! =)

The rain came again to bring more water to our party. Well, we are THE WATER FAMILY after all... Of course must have lots of water!!!! Haha..... And after the 2nd rain, all the kiddos were basically covered with mud. =p

Hey.. How many times do you get to see kids get themselves all dirty with mud and yet receive no scoldings from their parents? -> During our Children's Day Party.

And how many times do you get to see parents relaxing in a tentage and let their kids run wild out @ the big open field? -> During our Children's Day Party.

This year, the kiddos get to catch grasshoppers, crickets and a chance to get themselves all dirty in the muddy field. Michelle (Ti Yang mummy) even saw a tortoise!!

That's what makes our party special. One of a kind that will bound to make the kids remember for life. =)

Teacher Rae bringing out the boxes of presents for the kiddos onto the open field...

And yes, it was a crazy Saturday.. Hee... I even had to use a loud hailer!!
 And the crazy part of our party? The present giving sessions where the kids will go wild! Hee....

To us, this year party was a great success cause we had to "fight" with the rain. But what touches us were the support the parents gave to us.

Despite the rain, most of you still turn up for our party with your family.
Despite the long flights of stairs to reach the hill, most of you still climbed up carrying all the food you have prepared for the children and how can we forget the cartons of drinks you all have brought along?
And yes, most parents will agree that letting the kiddos play in the rain and the muddy field was once in a lifetime experience for them. For that, we thank you. For letting them get so dirty together with us.

There's just enough words to express our gratitude and appreciation both to our dad & mum and to each and every parents who attended our party. Seriously, our party wouldn't be such a success without each and everyone of your participation.

Thank you 爸爸 for running up and down the hill to help us refill the water.
Thank you 妈妈 for helping at the food area and making sure all the food are well taken care of.
Thank you 晓欣 for helping me wrapped all the presents and your fantastic idea on how to make the party a big success.
Thank you 弟弟 for helping with all the stuff that I simply just missed out on.
Thank you Choon Kee for your Tentage, K & W for your amazing toilet, Ms Chong from Nparks.

Thank you to all the parents who supported our party. Your presence meant so much to the kids and us just in case you didn't know that.. =)

And lastly, Thank you to all the amazing kiddos who were there. Right up there on the hill with us. Your laughter and voices that filled up the Ang Mo Kio West Garden with joy was such a treat for everyone of us. =)

Yes, plans for 2011 Children's Day Party is underway.. And no. We won't be changing our name.
THE WATER FAMILY suits us to the max. Wherever we go, water & rain is bound to follow us. =) 6th year in a row. Let's see if we can hit lucky 7 next year! Hee....

As the Chinese sayings go... “贵人出门招风雨”


Anonymous said...

And a tiny squirel!!!.. But too bad I hv no good camera to zoom in... Can consider a trail walk/topo or treasure hunt along e trail next year.. That would b interesting..
Thanks for e great event ;)
Michelle .

Jerry Toh said...


Keep those ideas coming in.. We are planning for 2011! Hee..

Hope the kids enjoyed the party!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jerry,

I only saw once someone using thsi trick "Chilli + Onion". It works !!!

Believed must said some spell.