Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Where's my present!!?

Over the weekends, I told all my kids... "HAPPY CHILDREN'S DAY!" And the kiddos go... "PRESENTS!! WHERE'S MY PRESENTS!!!"

Hee... I'm a nice coach... No. I'm a very nice coach. I let them choose their presents... So I've complied a top 10 wish list of my kiddos... Any sponsors, kindly contact Teacher Jerry @ 9100 1855. =p

1. Iphone 4
2. Ipad
3. Itouch
4. Xbox
5. PSP
6. DS
7. Laptop
8. Bungalow & Cash <- Yes! They want a bungalow!
9. Rainbow Magic Fairy Story book
10. Metal Fight Beyblade

Well Done. Apple has dominate the top 3! Let's email Steve Jobs! Haha...

I love my kiddos... They come out with the best ideas and presents... And Yes. They actually want a bungalow! I shall get them a lego bungalow! Wahhahahahaa...... And, if you don't know what's Rainbow Magic Fairy and Beyblade are...

Well.. It literally means you are in Adult Hood... =) Happy Children's Day!

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