Monday, 18 October 2010

A typical lesson

Photos Courtesy of Harn (Daryl's Daddy) -> Thank You! =)

This is how our lesson usually goes... Teacher Jerry will usually give the kiddos an overview of what we will be covering today and the targets they need to meet. =)

For Today, they will be learning the competitive backstroke which is part of their new SwimSafer program!
Then, it's time for demonstration where Teacher Jerry walked the talk.

And off they go! WOooo HOOooo!! I love their plunge! Future Stars! =)

Streamline Daryl... Streamline!!! That's how you go faster! =)

Teacher Jerry: Time for some lifesaving skills.. Let's do some rope throwing!!!
Kiddos : Yeah!!!!

The kids love this part the best!Hahaha.....

The kiddos get to practise being both a rescuer and a victim. Look @ their smiles when they are able to cast out their ropes successfully to their giant victim... =)

Which is.... ME! Hahaha....

Ok... Time for them to practise being a victim themselves.. ."HELP!! HELP!! HELP!!!"

Aei... So long liao.. Where's my rope?!?!?

Ouch! Throw the rope properly leh!! Hit my head! Hee.....

I found out that the kiddos love to challenge me. =) So, why not? Let's have a mini challenge. It helps in their timing too. So, usually, we will have a "Race with Teacher Jerry". You win me, you go home. But if Teacher Jerry reaches the finish line faster than you, you go for extra 2 more laps ok!

*Swimming their heart out* I don't want kanna extra!!

When they are lying down on the floor @ the end of the day with a smile, you know, they are shagged out with enjoyment and happiness. =)

It's all in a typical day. The forever so happy kiddos, the never missing laughter's from them, the training programs Teacher Jerry planned out for them which often the kiddos will ask "Are you crazy Teacher Jerry?" and the wonderful weather... =)


--andy-- said...

looks fun !! got "fishing" too haha

Anonymous said...

They are so adorable right? :)

Gemma said...

Those infants swimming were so cute!!

Jerry Toh said...

-> Andy... Haha... Not fishing la... They are doing Throw Rescue.

->Winnie... Yeah!!! Adorable! I love them. Hurry!! Pop 2 kids out ASAP and I can coach them! Lolx...

->Gemma.. Yes! They are cute. You are a swimming coach in UK?

Leslie said...

Seriously. Best. Blog. Ever.

So many cute pics of Swim toddlers. Huge props! :D