Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Thai Cuisine!! Go Try!!

I'm not a Food blogger, so I dont really know how to review or intro about the wonderful food that we just had. But, it's super nice!!!! If you want to try Authentic Thai Food cooked by Authentic Thai Chef. This is the place you should visit!!!

Location: 1, Rocher Road, KopiTiam -> Thai Cuisine

We ordered a Green Curry, Pad Thai and Thailand famous minced pork.
First up, the Green Curry. Their Green Curry is really thick. (Not like those Thai restaurant where the Green Curry feels like soup.) For a Green Curry to taste good, not only should the sauce be thick, most importantly, it must taste great! I would give their green curry 9 stars out of 10!!!
Next up, Pad Thai. For a taste of authentic Pad Thai & not the modified version to suit Singaporean taste bud. You should try this stall! When I was in Thailand, we ordered a Pad Thai from a hawker and this is really how it taste like back in Thailand! Yummy!!!! 9 out of 10!!!!
The last dish we ordered was their minced pork. This is the most important dish. Because it's so simple. It's basically going to decide whether their stall is authentic thai cooking or not. I am using my experience in Thailand to give the judgement.

Imagine 3 days of outfield eating combat ration. And the first "Fresh" meal I had was a simple White Rice + minced pork. I tell you man, that feeling is heavenly and I'm going to remember that taste for the rest of my life.... So, when I first tasted it... Bingo! I told Xiaoxin.. "This is it!! This is the taste!!! Perfect!! This is what I ate in Thailand!!!" 
So, Go and try this Thai Cuisine stall! Believe me, you will be eating as happy as me... Cause it's really worth it!! We paid only $15 for the 3 dishes! Cheap! But most importantly, it taste good!!

Oh, When you visit the stall, don't forget to tell them Teacher Jerry (the swimming coach) intro you there one. They won't give you a discount but they will feel closer to you and give you a big smile! Cause, this stall belongs to one of my Thai Students' Parent!

And, No. We did not ask for free food. We paid our food. =) Cause, their food taste SUPERB!
p/s: I love it when I've students from all over the world!! =)


--andy-- said...

hi Jerry, can provide more address and location? Me and wife are Thai food suckers haha.

Jerry Toh said...

Hi Andy! Their address is 1, Rocher Road. Its a green color HDB building,directly opposite of Fu Lu Shuo.
Their stall is inside KopiTiam -> Thai Cuisine.

If you are coming by Mrt, align @ Bugis Mrt.
If you are driving, you can park @ the basement carpark of the building or directly opposite the building. There's an open air carpark.

Hope the directions are clear for you and hope u enjoy ur food! Hee...