Saturday, 30 October 2010

The Big Day Eve....

As always, just the night before our big day... I'm in my state of excitement... Simply cant get to sleep.. =)

This year, Mum had a much easier year...  She's still wrapping presents for the kiddos but with the help of Xiaoxin and Norin... Yeah!! The 3 women of the house! WOoo HOOooo! =)
Simply love her! <3

Wrapping presents in progress!

The nice folks from Choon Kee helping us set up the tentage on Fri morning.. =)

Toilets from K&W have been set in place... =)

Preparing the tables... As tot it's a wedding dinner!! Haha...

Our living room looks like a warzone for the past few weeks...
All the boxes have been labelled nicely.. And yes, we are all ready! =)

Thursday, 28 October 2010


We all know that constant upgrading and attending courses/ workshop is always good... So, there we go... The 1st batch of SwimSafer Swimming instructors to attend the PDT Workshop..
Being early for the workshop left us nothing but Photo taking sessions! =p
And the vain us just cant seem to have enough of photo shoots... Hee...
I always like to think that by upgrading yourself, it's as though you are a character in a MMORPG. Everytime you attend a course, your XP will be level up... =p

Hee... "Da-Ta-Da!!!! Level Up!"

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Dolphin Trainer!

Over the weekends, I'm not Teacher Jerry. I'm Trainer Jerry! Haha... Training my kiddos to be like dolphins and seals...

And yes, my kiddos enjoyed their lessons... =)  No. They simply love it! Hee....

Monday, 18 October 2010

A typical lesson

Photos Courtesy of Harn (Daryl's Daddy) -> Thank You! =)

This is how our lesson usually goes... Teacher Jerry will usually give the kiddos an overview of what we will be covering today and the targets they need to meet. =)

For Today, they will be learning the competitive backstroke which is part of their new SwimSafer program!
Then, it's time for demonstration where Teacher Jerry walked the talk.

And off they go! WOooo HOOooo!! I love their plunge! Future Stars! =)

Streamline Daryl... Streamline!!! That's how you go faster! =)

Teacher Jerry: Time for some lifesaving skills.. Let's do some rope throwing!!!
Kiddos : Yeah!!!!

The kids love this part the best!Hahaha.....

The kiddos get to practise being both a rescuer and a victim. Look @ their smiles when they are able to cast out their ropes successfully to their giant victim... =)

Which is.... ME! Hahaha....

Ok... Time for them to practise being a victim themselves.. ."HELP!! HELP!! HELP!!!"

Aei... So long liao.. Where's my rope?!?!?

Ouch! Throw the rope properly leh!! Hit my head! Hee.....

I found out that the kiddos love to challenge me. =) So, why not? Let's have a mini challenge. It helps in their timing too. So, usually, we will have a "Race with Teacher Jerry". You win me, you go home. But if Teacher Jerry reaches the finish line faster than you, you go for extra 2 more laps ok!

*Swimming their heart out* I don't want kanna extra!!

When they are lying down on the floor @ the end of the day with a smile, you know, they are shagged out with enjoyment and happiness. =)

It's all in a typical day. The forever so happy kiddos, the never missing laughter's from them, the training programs Teacher Jerry planned out for them which often the kiddos will ask "Are you crazy Teacher Jerry?" and the wonderful weather... =)

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Beauty of Education

The beautiful thing about coaching/teaching is, new talents & potentials are discovered everyday. :)
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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

I am the Big Picture!!

Please don't be shocked if you happen to see this in Singapore.... =)

Go and donate your photos @

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Children's Day Party 2010!!!!

By now, most of our kiddos should have already receive our invitation cards to our Children's Day Party...

Yes, I know, it's late this year... But we've tried to factor in the kiddos exams and PSLE. But, still, some schools only start their exams in Nov?

Anyway, this year is our 6th year and as usually we are expecting lots of fun, food and smiles!!! =)

So, here are the details...

Date: 30 October 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 1.30pm - 5pm
Venue: Ang Mo Kio West Garden Amphitheater (Behind AMK MacDonald Drive thru)
And yes, you need to climb up a long flight of stairs.

And yes, as you can see, we are having our party this year @ the park. Therefore, no BBQ this year. Anyway, BBQ is too troublesome. =p

We will be catering for buffet and therefore we would need each and everyone of you to submit back your invitation cards to us latest this week.

Like Teacher Jerry say to the kiddos.. "Next week, if you never give me back your cards, I will presume you are not coming and I'm not going to prepare your presents for you. This year present is an IPHONE 4"

The kids go crazy!!!! I want!! I want!!!
Yes, so kids, please kindly remember to bring along your drawing materials.. Teacher Jerry will draw it out for you. =p

A preview of how the area looks like.... Just to tempt you abit... =p

For those who have not received the invitations, you are also welcomed to join us in this joyous occasion!!! Just sms me how many of you wannna come... And the food you want to bring along. =)

As of date, we have mummies making Jelly for the kiddos and Swiss Rolls!! Yum Yum!!! =)

p/s: For the past 5years, it'll always rain on us.... We are simply too good @ handling the rain... So, We would like to inform everyone, this is a Rain or Shine Event. =p     Umbrellas wouldn't be provided tot.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

The video that shocks frenz on facebook

If you have not seen this video... You really should! Cause, it's taking the whole Internet by crazy... Well, @ least on my facebook... Hee....
If you are interested in purchasing a backup Iphone battery for your Iphone,
do contact Summer @ 9796 4130.....

As of today, all the batteries are sold out. The 6th batch of batteries are now on their way. Pre-reservations are most welcome. At $14/battery, this is most probably the cheapest you can find. Trust me. =)

Thursday, 7 October 2010

True Love

The eulogy from MM Lee was simply touching and an affection of True Love.

Good bye Mrs Lee.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Thai Cuisine!! Go Try!!

I'm not a Food blogger, so I dont really know how to review or intro about the wonderful food that we just had. But, it's super nice!!!! If you want to try Authentic Thai Food cooked by Authentic Thai Chef. This is the place you should visit!!!

Location: 1, Rocher Road, KopiTiam -> Thai Cuisine

We ordered a Green Curry, Pad Thai and Thailand famous minced pork.
First up, the Green Curry. Their Green Curry is really thick. (Not like those Thai restaurant where the Green Curry feels like soup.) For a Green Curry to taste good, not only should the sauce be thick, most importantly, it must taste great! I would give their green curry 9 stars out of 10!!!
Next up, Pad Thai. For a taste of authentic Pad Thai & not the modified version to suit Singaporean taste bud. You should try this stall! When I was in Thailand, we ordered a Pad Thai from a hawker and this is really how it taste like back in Thailand! Yummy!!!! 9 out of 10!!!!
The last dish we ordered was their minced pork. This is the most important dish. Because it's so simple. It's basically going to decide whether their stall is authentic thai cooking or not. I am using my experience in Thailand to give the judgement.

Imagine 3 days of outfield eating combat ration. And the first "Fresh" meal I had was a simple White Rice + minced pork. I tell you man, that feeling is heavenly and I'm going to remember that taste for the rest of my life.... So, when I first tasted it... Bingo! I told Xiaoxin.. "This is it!! This is the taste!!! Perfect!! This is what I ate in Thailand!!!" 
So, Go and try this Thai Cuisine stall! Believe me, you will be eating as happy as me... Cause it's really worth it!! We paid only $15 for the 3 dishes! Cheap! But most importantly, it taste good!!

Oh, When you visit the stall, don't forget to tell them Teacher Jerry (the swimming coach) intro you there one. They won't give you a discount but they will feel closer to you and give you a big smile! Cause, this stall belongs to one of my Thai Students' Parent!

And, No. We did not ask for free food. We paid our food. =) Cause, their food taste SUPERB!
p/s: I love it when I've students from all over the world!! =)

Where's my present!!?

Over the weekends, I told all my kids... "HAPPY CHILDREN'S DAY!" And the kiddos go... "PRESENTS!! WHERE'S MY PRESENTS!!!"

Hee... I'm a nice coach... No. I'm a very nice coach. I let them choose their presents... So I've complied a top 10 wish list of my kiddos... Any sponsors, kindly contact Teacher Jerry @ 9100 1855. =p

1. Iphone 4
2. Ipad
3. Itouch
4. Xbox
5. PSP
6. DS
7. Laptop
8. Bungalow & Cash <- Yes! They want a bungalow!
9. Rainbow Magic Fairy Story book
10. Metal Fight Beyblade

Well Done. Apple has dominate the top 3! Let's email Steve Jobs! Haha...

I love my kiddos... They come out with the best ideas and presents... And Yes. They actually want a bungalow! I shall get them a lego bungalow! Wahhahahahaa...... And, if you don't know what's Rainbow Magic Fairy and Beyblade are...

Well.. It literally means you are in Adult Hood... =) Happy Children's Day!

Friday, 1 October 2010

SwimSafer Certs....

Dear kiddos, Happy Children's Day!!!!

Here's a sneak preview on how your new SwimSafer certificates will look like.... =)
The SwimSafer programme is a six stage level which not only incorporates progressive elements of swimming but also water survival and lifesaving skills at each level.

And yes, very soon you are all going for the SwimSafer Test! =)

P/s: You all are one of the first in Singapore to see the whole series of Swimsafer certiticates... I'm sure! =)