Saturday, 25 September 2010

My duties...

How should I start this post?

Been thinking for the past 2hrs and I still have no idea how should I go about it....

Story cut short.. Here it goes....

There is this important person in my life.. Well, she taught me alot since young and I am forever going to be grateful towards her. Thankful might be just an understatement. The kind of gratitude I wanna show towards her may never be enough for all she has done for me.

They say, Children are the best mirror for us. I agree. For who I am today, credits goes towards her for her teachings.

Time flies...
I'm coaching her kids now and that includes her relative kids... I'm determined to give my all in coaching these kiddos.. In a way, kind of repaying her for her kindness, Chinese call it “报答”。
In another way, simply because these kiddos are my students.

Well, one of the kiddos is simply different. An attention seeker kid. =) I know how difficult it is to handle such a kid in the class. I know how much complaints I'm going to face from other parents. I know how other people going to view me. I know what people are going to say about us. I know who their fingers are pointing towards to. I know.

But have I ever tot of giving him up? No. I won't and I can't. I won't simply because I have a duty to teach him. It's my duty to make sure he completes his laps in the pool. It's my duty to make sure he can swim. And I can't simply because he's my student and if "my important person" didnt gave me up when I was young. What gives me the right to give him up?

Yes, Parents complaint about his attitude, complaint about his misbehaviour in class. But I'm holding on to him. I believe one day, I'm going to make a difference for him. It might be next week, it might be next month, next year or even 5 years down the road. I don't care. I'm just not going to give him up. I've never given up on any kiddos no matter how "difficult" he/she is.

That's my philosophy when I started coaching. I believe in Destiny and Fate. I believe for a kiddo and me to meet up, its a kind of Destiny. And for that kiddo to become my student. That's call Fate.

Funny thing is, usually when a student leave it's usually not the choice of the kiddos. It's the Adults.

A student can choose to leave me. I will understand it for the 1001 reasons you give me. But I will never give up on my student. Even if you give me 1 reason for me to give him up. I won't and I never will.

In fact, the more "difficult" a student is, the more challenging it gets during my coaching and the more fun it becomes. =) Well, I guess, to be a "GTO Coach", there's a price to pay. But, when I hear the laughter of my kiddos and seeing their smiles, It's all worth it.

And today one kiddo tells me.

"Teacher Jerry, My stomach pain"
Teacher Jerry: "Ok, wan go to toilet?"
Kiddo: "Erm.. Nvm liao... I just farted. So not painful anymore..."

How can I possibly give up on my cuties? Call me stubborn or a cow, whatever.

It's my duty to teach my kiddos and protect them.

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